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Tesla is testing software for self-driving cars in the United States. Norway is next in the list of countries where the technology will be tested.

AUTONOMOUS DRIVING: Teslas with the software can navigate intersections themselves.
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Norway is next on the list of countries where Tesla will launch technology for self-driving vehicles. That’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk writes on Twitter.

He writes that the software will come to Norway and Canada after the first beta tests in the United States are completed.

Today, testing is in its early stages in the United States and has only been made available to a few Tesla owners, according to the Electrek website.

The first phase of beta testing is expected to be completed in December, Musk previously said.

The software allows the car to drive itself, but the driver must always follow and be constantly ready to take control, writes Electrek. The car can turn automatically at intersections and change lanes automatically on city streets.

Self-driving technology must be approved in each country, and no approval applies to the whole of the EU, Musk wrote on Twitter. He thinks approvals could come in February or March.

The software makes the car completely autonomous

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