Basketball – Women’s World Cup: favorites win, Canada still undefeated

Group B has already played the third round of World Women’s Basketball Championship matches in Sydney. The only 3-0 record is the Canadian team that won with Japan. The Australian and French women also won.

The day after the championship, the third round of group B was played. At the start, the French and the Malians played. The tricolors redeemed themselves from their defeat with Canada the day before yesterday. Victory in the game against Team Africa did not come so easily. After the first quarter, Mali led by 21:17. France took a bigger lead with an 8-0 run at the end of the first half, 42:32 later. The French basketball players kept their advantage and triumphed 74:59. This is Mali’s third defeat in this tournament.

Like France, Australia have a 2-1 record. The housewives guided the Serbian women throughout the meeting. The gap was uncertain, but the Aussies didn’t let their rivals catch up. The only undefeated team in Group B was and still is Canada. Team North America beat Japan in the final game of the day to claim their third win, giving them an independent lead in the standings. The Asian team led 5-0, but at the end of the first quarter they were eight points behind. After 30 minutes, the difference was 22 stitches. Canada lost some of their advantage but confidently won 70:56.

Mali – France 59:74 (21:17, 11:25, 14:15, 13:17)
Australia – Serbia 69:54 (18:10, 18:18, 17:15, 16:11)
Japan – Canada 56:70 (12:20, 13:21, 14:20, 17:9)

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