Basketball – World Cup: The Serbs beat the Japanese in a sensational way, Canada beat France in the coup du jour!

On the second day of the World Cup in Sydney, all teams played their home matches in Sydney. In the most interesting match, Canada beat France. The Serbs created the surprise of the day by beating the Japanese in a tied match.

group A

The first Group A game today was the Puerto Rican game against the Americans. The favorites were of course the basketball players, whose team is full of WNBA players. The United States underlined their dominance from start to finish and beat their rivals 106:42. After defeating the United States, the Belgians faced the Koreans, who had to recognize the superiority of the Chinese. As expected, Team Europe won by 84:61. In the last game of Group A, the Chinese team confidently lost the Bosnia and Herzegovina team at 98:51, which completed the overall results of this group, and on the second day it did not there were no surprises.

Puerto Rico vs USA 42:10 (11:27, 10:27, 6:26, 15:26)

Belgium – South Korea 84:61 (26:12, 24:18, 19:20, 15:11)

China – Bosnia and Herzegovina 98:51 (26:21, 24:10, 32:15, 16:5)


1. China 4 points

2. United States 4 points

3. Belgium 3 points

4. Puerto Rico 3 points

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 points

6. South Korea 2 points

Group B

The first match of Group B ended with the surprise of the day, in which the Serbs played against the Japanese. Team Asia, which was ranked higher in the world rankings, succumbed to team Balkans 64:69, thanks to which Team Serbki recorded their first victory in the tournament after losing to Canada. The most interesting game of the day was the clash between France and Canada. Overseas players beat Tricolore 59:45 and they are the only ones in Group B to have a full set of wins after two rounds. In the last match of the second day, two teams suffered defeats on their own. Australia, hosts of the tournament, were the big favorites in the match against the national team of Mali. In the end, the local team beat the African team by 118:58.

Serbia – Japan 69:64 (24:9, 14:25, 16:12, 15:18)

France – Canada 45:59 (9:15, 8:14, 13:16, 15:14)

Mali – Australia 58: 118 (12:23 p.m., 10:33 a.m., 11:36 p.m., 1:26 p.m.)


1. Canada 4 points

2. Serbia 3 points

3. Australia 3 points

4. Japan 3 points

5. France 3 points

6. Mali 2 points.

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