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-Dthis is my first gong. I have never played mobile games before, I only played solitaire on the iPad, says Rune Gokstad.

– But Øystein is like created for that here. You are used to sitting in the evening with something on board in front of a computer, he teasingly tells his colleague Øystein Bache.

We all know Butler James and Countess Miss Sophie who got together for Miss Sophie’s 90th birthday.

Every Christmas Eve we meet imaginary friends Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mister Pomeroy and Mister Winterbottom, and we laugh at James, who grows more and more satiated the further we go through dinner.

TRADITION: “The Countess and the Butler” takes place on Christmas Eve.


The more complete, the more difficult it is

It’s one of our most cherished Christmas traditions in Norway, and it’s been shown on NRK every quarter of the year since 1980.

This year is no exception. And now you also have the chance to try your hand as Butler James in the game “The Countess and the Jump Champion”!

Here you should get butler James avoids as many skin traps as possible – but the more the butler drinks, the harder it becomes.

We let nine NRK profiles try out. Can you beat them? Try here.

– We’ll be away

I think we will be far enough. I think there are people who have more competitive instincts than us, says Adelina Ibishi, program manager at P3morgen.

She managed 29 skin traps with 9 units of alcohol on board, barely beaten by her radio partner Martin Lepperød.

-Dthis is what makes the joy of a mobile game, namely that it can give such beautiful sensations. I ended up in the basement because I thought I had been beaten.

But then Adelina loses at 29, he roars.

Martin Lepperod and Adelina Ibishi.  2021

AT THE SUMMIT: Martin Lepperød beats Adelina Ibishi with a jump.

Photo: Ulrik Kramer / NRK

– Gets very angry

Karsten Blomvik of the 4th ETG also knows great feelings.

-EI was good at gaming before, but I haven’t played so many mobile games, because I get so angry when I don’t do well, he says.

He manages 28 skin traps and must accept the defeat of his colleague Annika Momrak – it manages 33 skin traps.

Karsten Blomvik in relation to the Countess and the Jumping Master

TOP 1: Karsten Blomvik thinks “The Countess and the Jumping Champion” is the top 1 mobile game because it’s the only thing he wants to play.

Photo: Ulrik Kramer / NRK

Mikkel Niva, meanwhile, is the leader with 43 jumps.

Blomvik is thirsty for revenge.

I won’t be doing anything else this Christmas. I’m not going to party with my family, I’m not going to see anything else “Dinner for One” and play this game here, says the 27-year-old.

– Gets high heart rate

At the bottom of the table is Rune Gokstad, co-manager of the “Christmas Nuts” program.

– I have to honestly admit why I don’t. I have a high heart rate, and you have to be careful about that at my age, laughs Rune, 63.

Gokstad 2021 rune

SATISFIED: Rune Gokstad, co-host of “Julenøtter” and “Team Bachstad” is satisfied with the result.

Rune Gokstad and Øystein Bache 2021

DUO: Rune Gokstad and Øystein Bache, known among other things from “Julenøtter” and “Team Bachstad”, are happy to joke and play together.

He and Øystein Bache are still happy with their personal medical records of 19 and 25 skin traps respectively.

-Scan we give ourselves to the top or? Oystein asks.

-Scan we go get a sharp one? suggests Rune.

-Done that I think we should do.

PS 1: Watch “The Countess and the Butler” in “Kvelden før Kvelden” on NRK 1 and on NRK TV at 21.

PS 2: Wondering who you are in “The Countess and the Butler”?

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