Bent Ramsfjell is running for president of the International Curling Association

– I present myself as a candidate for everyone in curling. I want a democratic World Curling Federation (WCF) where all voices are heard. Curling is one of the fastest growing winter sports in the world, and while it is important to respect long traditions, WCF must be open and promote new and innovative ideas. I look forward to taking on this exciting and challenging task if elected, says ambitious presidential candidate Bent Ramsfjell.

Ramsfjell has extensive experience in key positions in Norwegian and international curling and held key positions on the WCF Board of Directors for 10 years, including as Vice President for Europe. Prior to that, Ramsfjell was president of the Norwegian Curling Association for three years.

In addition to his experience in leadership positions in private companies and on Norwegian and international curling boards, Ramsfjell, as Chairman, will represent a strong voice of athletes in WCF. He has extensive experience as an active curler at the highest international level. He became Olympic champion in Salt Lake City in 2002, in a team with, among others, Pål Trulsen. The merit list also includes WC silver and two WC bronzes.

Ramsfjell is the only European candidate and faces candidates from Canada, the United States and Australia respectively.

The Norwegian Sports Confederation and the Olympic and Paralympic Committee are pleased with the Norwegian candidacy and fully support the appointment of Bent Ramsfjell as President of the International Curling Federation.

– Ramsfjell is one of our most respected Winter Olympians, with winning gold at the Salt Lake City Olympics as his greatest achievement. Moreover, Ramsfjell is also a respected and capable sports administrator. His contribution to the impressive sporting results and development of Norwegian curling has been significant, says Sporting President Berit Kjøll and adds:

– We sincerely believe that Ramsfjell, with his experience as both a top athlete and sports administrator on the national and international scene, will be a great asset to the International Curling Association. We wish Ramsfjell good luck in the election!

The Norwegian Curling Association also gives Ramsfjell its full support for his candidacy for the presidency of the International Curling Association.

– Ramsfjell’s long and dedicated work for curling both nationally and internationally gives him a unique political perspective and experience. Moreover, he brings with him his experience as a top international athlete for many years, said Dagfinn Loen, president of the Norwegian Curling Association.

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