Canada creates its own Eurovision


The organizers confirm that “Eurovision Canada” will be launched in 2024.

Canada adheres faithfully to the Eurovision model, with several semi-finals leading to a live final. A total of ten provinces and three Canadian territories will compete to create the best song in the country.

The producers behind “Eurovision Canada” are eager to create their own version of the European hit.

– If the music was the Olympic world championships in figure skating or hockey, with performers from across Canada coming together to compete for the ultimate gold medal – that’s what we envision for Eurovision Canada, says producer Peter Settman of the new “Eurovision Canada”.

With him on the production team, “Eurovision Canada” has the team behind “American Song Contest” in the United States, another “Eurovision” spin-off.

The American Song Contest is already underway and has received a mixed response from fans and critics. The first live qualifying round didn’t do particularly well with viewers (2.9 million total viewers) and was beaten by the singing contest “American Idol” (4.8 million viewers) on a competing chain, according to Daily Showbuzz.

The finale of “American Song Tales” will air on Monday, May 9 at 2 a.m. Norwegian time. Ten US states and territories are participating.

Great artists such as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Carly Rae Jepsen, kd lang, Shania Twain, Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd all have Canadian roots.

Not to mention Célin Dion, who won the “Eurovision Song Contest” in 1988 with the song “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi” while representing Switzerland. But will the ‘Eurovision’ queen’s home country do justice to the European Song Contest? We will know in 2024.

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