Canada played for the Poles. We already have the quarter-final

The clash between the Dominican Republic and Canada was important in the context of the fight for promotion to the quarter-finals of this year’s world championships. Before the match, the Dominicans took 5th place, and the Canadians – sixth. Canada’s win by 2 points meant the Polish women didn’t have to worry about promotion regardless of the outcome with the Germans.

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Canada is better than the Dominican Republic. Poland qualified for the quarter-finals

From the start of the game, the game was fairly even. In the first set, the Dominican and Canadian players went point for point and it was only at the end of the match that the Dominican advantage crystallized, who scored better than the Canadians from 14:14. In the end, they won the set at 18 and it looked like they would continue their good game later in the game.

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In the second part, the match was quite similar, but this time in favor of the Canadians, who had a minimal advantage and in the end they won 25:23. The third set was already a real demonstration of the Canadian team, which was leading almost from the start results and ultimately won the match 25:17. The action Dominicans in action looked increasingly weak and they were losing 1:2 throughout the match.

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The fourth set was pretty even. The Dominicans were aware that the 1:3 defeat would mean the end of their quarter-final dreams and they fought to stay in the game until the end. After a fierce end, the Dominican volleyball players led in the tie-break, winning 27:25.

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The fifth set was won by Canada, who won 15:7. In the table, the Poles remained in fourth place, which means that Stefano Lavarini’s players have a certain lead for the quarter-finals.

Poland in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Here is the table after the Canadian victory:

  1. Serbia – 26 points – 9 wins / 0 losses – record of sets 27:2
  2. United States – 20 points – 7/2 – 21:11
  3. Turkey – 17 points – 6/3 – 21:13
  4. Poland – 15 points – 5/3 – 6:12 p.m.*
  5. Canada – 14 points – 5/4 – 17:18
  6. Dominican Republic – 15 points – 4/5 – 19:17
  7. Thailand – 11 points – 4/5 – 16:19
  8. Germany – 10 points – 3/5 – 12:17 *

* these teams always play the last match of the second round of the group stage

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