Canadian provinces can punish self-driving with jail time

FORGET THE AUTOPILOT FOR NOW: The photo is from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

On the contrary, say no:

A Canadian province bans all level 3 autonomous driving.

British Columbia, the far western province of Canada, has decided that it is illegal to let cars drive alone, writes Carbuzz.

The ban applies to autonomous driving at level 3 and is therefore a precautionary measure.

Currently, there are few cars with such technology in general, and perhaps none in Canada in particular.

But the province is therefore located on the west coast. Seattle, USA is not far from the most densely populated areas – and although there are a few large US states between this region and California, there is no doubt that locals are well informed about more developments. South.

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So they don't want it to be that way, at least not yet.

The minimum penalty for violating the new traffic rules is a fine of a few thousand Norwegian crowns, but the amount can be multiplied by ten. In the worst case, such an offense will result in six months in prison.

The context is particularly taken into account for gentle road users.

The official press release nevertheless shows that the ban will be continuously evaluated:

– Further testing and evaluation of the rules is needed before Level 3 autonomous driving can be considered sufficiently safe, it says.

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