Canadian version of NRK lays off 10 percent of its employees – Document

The Canadian public broadcaster CBC announced on Monday the loss of 600 jobs, a reduction of 10 percent of its workforce.

Thus, CBC follows a trend that characterizes the entire network of pro-regime media across the West. Here in Norway, NTB is significantly reducing its investments, and other major media outlets are following suit.

At the same time, free media, like Document, which was recently named a Gaselle enterprise for the fifth year in a row, is growing.

Radio-Canada is particularly known for its unreserved support of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, considered by many to be a pure tyrant and who is probably heading towards the end of his political career.

NTB-AFP reports on the affair.

250 jobs will be cut from the English-speaking CBC network and 250 from the French-speaking Radio-Canada network. In addition, 100 other people in the support system are redundant. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been hit hard by a drop in its advertising revenue.

Many media outlets in Canada and elsewhere in the world are in financial crisis, and Radio-Canada is not the first to announce layoffs.

Perhaps it is time for Western media to understand the old journalistic principles, according to which it is necessary to act as a watchdog that protects ordinary people from the abuses of state and suprastate authorities?

However, this seems unlikely, many think. The confusion between the media, the authorities and even between and PST here at home shows us how “everything is linked to everything“, as Gro Harlem Brundtland said.

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