Cheeky emu “Karen” is going viral on TikTok

Many have probably heard of the “Karen” phenomenon: A hot-tempered woman with side bangs, who wants to talk to the CEO when she’s unhappy.

The Karen emu doesn’t look like a “Karen”, but is just as “saucy” and sassy – this has given Useless Farm several million views on ICT Tac.

It is mother Amanda who often feels the pull of the wild emu attacking her. After sharing videos on TikTok with Karen and the other Useless Farm animals, they went viral.

– I haven’t told Karen yet. His ego is big enough – we don’t need to add more, Amanda tells TV 2.

Several million views

Canadian Amanda finds it incredibly funny that her TikTok profile has completely taken off lately.

– Especially because all the comments on the animal videos are incredibly funny. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to find almost five million people with the same sense of humor as me, says Amanda.

Several of the videos on the profile have between 1 and 13 million views, and among the most popular videos we find the emu Karen.

Matmor says TikTok star Karen actually got her name for The “Karen” phenomenon has become known.

She points out that Karen’s behavior is real in the videos and that the emu may be aiming to keep Amanda away because she doesn’t show herself to others.

She believes there is another reason for this.

– I can’t say for sure, but I think she’s in love with my husband. So I guess she’s trying to get me out of the picture, Amanda said jokingly.

It was CTV News Toronto who first brought up the subject.

Animals with big personalities

Useless Farm is located in Canada. There live several so-called “useless animals”, as Amanda calls them. Besides the emus, several other special animals trot around the farm, such as alpacas, mini donkeys, peacocks and mini horses.

The farm is a hobby for Amanda, and she considers it a retirement home for animals that people have grown weary of. The animals just live there.

– We are not a registered refuge or sanctuary. We love animals and are able to give them a place to retreat to when they have nowhere else to go, says Matmor.

At Useless Farm, there are no expectations for the animals, and the goal is that they are allowed to live there in peace and enjoy Canadian circumstances and nonsense.

Amanda shares everyday life with animals. She thinks they went viral on TikTok because of the big animal personalities.

Among other things, we come across the disturbing alpaca Keith, Gary the goose who gives good hugs, the hateful behavior of the emu Karen, or the sound of the wind whistling between the ears of the alpaca Michael.

– There is at least one animal here that you can partially identify with, said the Canadian.

– A bad heart

The emu Karen repeatedly ran after Amanda or bit her. This resulted in many bruises.

Several Useless Farm followers have wondered why Matmo doesn’t get rid of Karen the Emu, as she often attacks him.

It won’t happen according to Amanda, who likes her cheek.

– You can’t help loving her. Beneath the evil feathers lies an even more evil heart, and we love a queen who is shameless herself, she tells TV 2.

It’s common for female emus to be more aggressive than male emus, and Amanda doesn’t think others would have dealt with her brashness as well. Therefore, she does not want to give Karen away, but continues to share glimpses of everyday life with all the animals on social media.

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