Consider banning telecommuting for IT professionals

The expected bills could make it difficult for tens of thousands of Russians who already work with IT for Russian companies from abroad.

He brings back Reuters.

100,000 computer scientists

Computer scientists were overrepresented among refugees from Russia after the outbreak of war against Ukraine. By March 2022, 70,000 IT professionals will have left the country. The great mobilization of autumn 2022 led to the emptying of entire IT departments, while The IT people escaped from the office “without washing the coffee cup”.

Many of those who fled continued to work for Russian companies.

Russian authorities estimate that up to 100,000 IT workers are now working for Russian companies from abroad.

This could present a risk, say the authorities. IT professionals working for Russian companies in NATO countries may, without necessarily wanting to, share sensitive information.

This is meant to be the context for Russian authorities working on new laws that could ban telecommuting for certain IT roles.

Internal disagreement

This is how they hope to bring computer scientists home.

But not all Russian government officials think such a law is a good idea. Some believe that on the contrary, it will lead to more people choosing to leave Russian companies.

Russia’s digitization ministry said in December that such a ban could make Russian IT companies less efficient and less competitive.

– In the end, it is those who manage to attract the most talented employees, including from abroad, who win, the ministry reportedly said.

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