Cursed by the decision of no duties in the municipality

UDF leaders before the municipal elections

Education association leader Moss is furious that politicians have decided not to do homework without teacher input.

In the fall, local elections take place and schools and kindergartens are one of the big topics for local politicians.

In this summer series, leaders from several local Education Association teams answer five questions ahead of local elections.

Tommy André Christensen, head of the Moss Education Association

– What political issue should local elected officials in your municipality be concerned with to collect the votes of school and kindergarten teachers?

– It is difficult to isolate a single case, but it is important to guarantee the mandated responsibility of the teacher, his margin of professional action and an increased base staff throughout the opening hours of the nursery.

– What political proposal in your municipality has irritated you the most over the last four years?

– The case that has irritated me the most over the last four years has to be the political decision regarding free homework in the municipality of Moss without the involvement of teachers and the administrative decision that followed. In this case, teachers were crushed in the municipality of Moss.

– Which political proposal made you the happiest?

– Here too it is difficult to cite a single proposal, but the new decision taken in June in the process of higher education to increase the basic staff in schools and kindergartens, respectively by 4 million and 2.5 million, makes me happy. Even if it’s not enough, it’s a start.

– If you were authorized to make a political decision in your municipality, what would it be?

– It would be a question of teachers themselves, on the basis of good pedagogical logic, being able to choose whether or not they want to give homework.

– If you were to create a political party, what would the slogan be?

– If I had to create a party, it would be the “School and Kindergarten Party” and the slogan would be “Children and students first”.

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