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The green ideology, which has infected a number of politicians in the EU/EEA, USA, Canada and Australia, is now beginning to show its true face. The media has already covered the riots in Sri Lanka, but without telling us that it was green ideology that sparked the protests.

That we now have a similar uprising in the Netherlands without the Norwegian media saying a word about it is odd at best. The green ideologues who have infected NTB and NRK seem to be covering up the problems of this central European country. Here, the government decided that farmers had to drastically reduce CO2 and nitrogen emissions, which led to the closure of 1/3 of the farms. Such policies are, to put it mildly, unpopular. Therefore, there have been peaceful protests for several weeks, but now it is escalating.

In the Netherlands, farmers have blocked supermarket distribution centers amid ongoing protests against new environmental regulations that risk putting many out of business.

Fishermen on Monday (July 4 – 2022) blocked ports to show their support for farmers. The blockade has prevented ferries from sailing to almost all of the Wadden Islands off the country’s northern coast and has caused long delays, shipping companies have reported.

Also on Monday, farmers used tractors and large bales of hay to block entrances to supermarket distribution centres, as the food retailers association warned of bottlenecks in supply. The action was announced in advance, with farmers demanding that “the whole country be paralyzed”.

The airports had also prepared roadblocks on the access roads. Traffic on most of the country’s dense road network would be normal. On Friday, police in riot gear stormed a rally, trucking away hundreds of protesters.

Other sectors, including construction, were also affected. Measures to reduce ammonia generated by farming are an important part of the government’s plans. Nitrogen emissions will be reduced by more than 70% in areas close to nature conservation areas. According to estimates by the authorities, this could lead to the closure of around 30% of livestock farms.

A 2019 ruling by the country’s Supreme Court prompted the government to impose the measures.

Which governments in Europe are thinking about preparing the food supply?


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