End of historic petition against Trudeau – Document

Never before have so many Canadians signed a petition: the record of 286,719 signatures was broken by an overwhelming majority when Melissa Outwater and MP Michelle Ferreri demanded a vote of no confidence in the government of Justin Trudeau and the federal elections within 45 days. The campaign ended on Christmas Eve with 386,698 signatures.

Poverty is a powerful motivator

Ferreri will present the petition to the House of Commons and, with it, “send a clear message that Canadians have had enough”:

– The facts speak for themselves. Justin Trudeau has ensured a record gas station surge, homelessness, soaring real estate prices, an opioid and mental health crisis, a rampant increase in crime and is responsible for several ethical violations.

Regarding support for the signature campaign, Ferreri says “poverty is a powerful motivator.”

– The petition raises the voice of Canadians who are fed up with the misery Trudeau has inflicted on the country and who want a leader and a government they can trust. Trust is based on concrete policies and not on speeches. When a leader does the opposite of what he says or worse, lets his followers down, he loses confidence.

The record broken by 100,000

With nearly 387,000 signatures, it is the most signed online petition in Canadian history. Although it reflects widespread dissatisfaction with the government, it does not compel Parliament to act.

The document featured the campaign when it surpassed 225,000 signatures on December 9.

Historic turnout: 225,000 Canadians signed a petition to oust Trudeau

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