Extension of the search to find a missing submarine

US authorities are expanding the search area for the Titan submarine, gathered in the North Atlantic, on Tuesday afternoon Norwegian time and Tuesday morning local time.

They spent the night searching for the submarine in an area the size of the state of Connecticut.

– We are now expanding underwater searches, Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard tells CNN.

Here’s what we know about the submarine:

Titan had five people on board and was supposed to dive to the wreck of “Titanic” about 700 km off Newfoundland. The submarine was expected to surface on Sunday.

GRAPHICS: Kjell Erik Berg / Dagbladet
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The submarine lost contact with the mother ship “Polar Prince” 1 hour and 45 minutes after starting its descent towards the wreckage, located at 3,800 meters deep.

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Norwegian photographer and adventurer Jannicke Mikkelsen is a teammate and close friend of British adventurer Hamish Harding, one of five missing after the tourist dive on the “Titanic” wreck.

Mikkelsen has direct contact with Harding’s immediate family and with the rescue center in the United States.

She told Dagbladet on Tuesday that they had not received any new updates and were all waiting for news of the missing submarine.

Norske Jannicke: - I think it went wrong

Norske Jannicke: – I think it went wrong

On Tuesday, marine biologist Simon Boxall of the University of Southampton said Sky News that the submarine must have sent a distress signal, but it is not known when the signal was sent.

“I don’t know if this is sent automatically or if it was sent by someone on board,” Boxall said.

Oxygen for 96 hours

Davis Concannon, one of the company’s advisers, said he lost contact with the submarine on Sunday morning. On board the submarine there must be oxygen for use in an emergency which will last for 96 hours.

It is assumed that it will end around 11:30 a.m. Thursday morning Norwegian time.

Extension of the search to find a missing submarine

HAS BBC According to David Pogue, a CBS reporter who was on the same expedition aboard the submarine last year, it is impossible to escape without help. According to him, the passengers are locked inside the ship with bolts.

These must be detached externally from the outside.

British authorities are also monitoring the situation. The UK Ministry of Defense has, in a statement, inter alia The Independent said a salvage operation would be very difficult due to the depth at which the ship is.

According to the Ministry of Defense, this depth is probably much deeper than what NATO rescue submarines can dive.

It is feared that a well-known Frenchman is on board

It is feared that a well-known Frenchman is on board

Looking at the surface of the sea

A major rescue operation was launched, with the help, among others, of the American and Canadian coast guards. Defense Canada is also helping.

Among other things, the planes are looking for the submarine on the surface, since it is currently not excluded that the submarine has returned to the surface.

US Coast Guard Rear Admiral I John W Maugner also explained that they were using submarines to eavesdrop on the submarine, writes News from heaven.

Experts explain that the main problem in a rescue operation, if the submarine is at sea, is the depth. Only highly specialized submarines can go up to 3,800 meters deep.

The submarine works by sending a message to the mother ship every 15 minutes. It should have stopped.

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