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As expected, the Poles started the World Cup with two victories. The Whites and Reds first dealt gently with Bulgaria, then crushed Mexico. They haven’t even dropped a set in any of those matches. On Monday August 29, the FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation, updated the latest ranking.

Prior to the tournament, Nikola Grbić’s players were leading with 385 points. Behind the back of the Polish national team were the French, who lost only 12 “points”. Brazil completed the podium spot. Currently, Biało-Czerwoni has three more points. At the same time, our volleyball players increased their advantage over the French team by an “eye”.

Interestingly, paradoxically, the non-playing Russians overtook the Coffee Country team in the FIVB rankings. And that’s four points. There were some rather cosmetic changes to the top ten. Representations such as Canada, Bulgaria and Ukraine have moved up the rankings.

FIVB Ranking. Poland remains the leader

FIVB Ranking:
Square Crew Number of points
1. Poland 388
2. France 375
3. Russia 352
4. Brazil 348
5. United States 340
6. Italy 336
seven. Iran 284
8. Argentina 274
9. Japan 270
ten. Slovenia 264

Volleyball World Cup 2022. When do the Poles play?

Another rival of Biało-Czerwonych will be the USA team. The Americans, like the Poles, won in the first two matches and the clash with our volleyball players is experienced as a match for first place. The controversial World Championship rules mean that, according to many experts, Nikola Grbić’s side would be more profitable to lose. Bartosz Kurek made an eloquent comment on this.

The meeting with the United States will take place next Tuesday, August 30. The start of this confrontation is scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

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