Free entry program explained by Parks Canada

Parks Canada recently reported seeing increased interest in its collaboration with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship.

As a result, it recently released the following information in an effort to correct public inaccuracies.

“Since 2012, Parks Canada has partnered with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to offer free entry for one year to Parks Canada-administered places to eligible newcomers via the Canoo mobile app,” Parks Canada said on social networks.

“Through the Canoo mobile application, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship helps newcomers and new Canadian citizens discover Canada through arts, culture and the outdoors. Parks Canada is one of 300 partners working together to make Canada welcoming to new Canadians.

“This limited-time offer encourages newcomers to Canada to discover this country and increase their appreciation, understanding and sense of connection with Canada’s natural and cultural heritage.”

Parks Canada noted these key facts regarding the free admission program:

  • Free entry to places administered by Parks Canada via the Canoo mobile application is limited to a period of one year.
  • Eligible newcomers include all newcomers to Canada who are in their first five years as permanent residents or in their first year of Canadian citizenship but have not yet activated their 12-month free admission period.
  • Regular fees still apply for other experiences and services, such as camping and guided tours and hikes.

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Image from Parks Canada