Interview with Luqman Wadood, editor-in-chief of the debate site Jeune and one of the 30 guiding stars of D2 in 2022.

Taken to bed

In addition to his position as editor, which “is at least a full-time job”, Luqman Wadood is studying law at the University of Stavanger. And earlier this year, he was given a top job that completely put him to bed.

– When I received this phone call from the Ministry of Culture… I was sure there was one. prank. Became I asked to be the youngest member of the Broadcasting Council? Someone must have been joking with me. “Seriously?” was all I could answer. I googled the mobile number to see if it was from the ministry, he laughs.

But it was no joke. Now he fancies being the “youngest and dumbest” in the room. This is where you learn the most, he thinks. He wants to say something at every board meeting, he believes in taking every opportunity to speak on behalf of groups and individuals who don’t usually come.

Wadood’s parents are from Sri Lanka, but he “rarely thinks about his skin color”. On the other hand, there is something completely different that he does not get peace from.

– I suffer from fraud syndrome, admits the 20-year-old.

In the wings

Fraud Syndrome is also known as the phenomenon of fraud, and concerns “an underlying fear of being exposed as a fraud”. It often occurs in high performing individuals, who are not always able to come to terms with their own success or position. They often attribute performance to luck rather than ability, according to Norwegian Health Informatics.

– I don’t like to stand out, flourish better behind the landscape. I deleted my Instagram account because I don’t need the constant attention. It was a very conscious choice, even though I had thousands of followers and hundreds of loveWadood said.

He doesn’t like to pose too much, but has posted practice photos and bragging photos to impress others. It was like a relief when he left Instagram and Snapchat, where he supposedly had 700,000. instant score – he became “clearer in his head”.

I feel young and stupid, both as a member of the publishers association and the Norwegian Broadcasting Council

Luqman Wadood

He says feels like something bigger than himself, even though he describes the learning curve as almost unrealistic. Committed young people constantly write him messages saying that “Youth is important”.

– It’s fantastic to create something big, but at the same time demanding to dive into something new and unfamiliar. I feel young and stupid, both as a member of the publishers’ association and the Norwegian Broadcasting Council. It’s demanding to sit down, but at the same time to have to we do it sometimes, to achieve something.

He thinks that fraudster syndrome helps make him more down to earth and says he is a supporter of the Jantel law.

– It’s true, I’m young and I can see things from another angle, but I also respect and listen to those who are older and have more experience. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason!

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