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Before the match played on Tuesday, June 15, the Poles were the big favourites. After nine rounds, Biało-Czerwoni finished second in the Nations League table, just behind Brazil. It was with this team that the players of Vital Heynen lost in the last match, and the match against Canada was a good opportunity to rehabilitate and find the way to victory. Our opponents, meanwhile, were 13th in the table, so any result other than some victory for the reigning world champions would come as a surprise.

League of Nations. Canada – Poland. What result?

The match started better for the Canadians who regained a two-point lead. Certainly, Kurek and Leon responded with good attacks, but at the first technical break our rivals took the lead 8:6.

Heynen’s comments initially paid off as the Whites and Reds quickly equalised. However, good play with the Canadians’ block and mistakes made by the Poles allowed the team managed by Glenn Hoag to take a three-point lead. Vernon showed a good team in particular, showing his service ace before the second technical break. For the second break, the volleyball players lost with the result of 16:13 for the Canadians.

The end of the match is more balanced, and the Poles lead to a draw after the break. Later both teams played point by point, but in the end Biało-Czerwoni proved to be more efficient, winning the first set 25:22.

League of Nations. The Poles played against Canada. What is the result of the volleyball match?

The start of the second match was also equal, in which the Biało-Czerwoni were the first to score points. Poor play by Kurek and Kochanowski, however, caused our rivals to write more ‘eyes’ on their account. Although the Poles had a problem with the block game, good attacks from Kochanowski, Nowakowski and Kubiak meant they also led by two points in the second technical break.

Although the reigning world champions were by far the favorites in the match, the Canadians weren’t going to make it easy for them. After Vernon’s service ace and Maar’s point attack, they took the lead at 19:17, and the Polish team again had to chase the result in this match. They succeeded after Kubiak’s attack and Leon’s two aces. Heynen players did not give up the lead until the end of the match, which they won 25:23.

Canada – Poland in the League of Nations. What result?

The Poles entered the third game better, and thanks to effective attacks from Drzyzga and Kurek, they were already leading 4-1. They held the lead until the first technical break, which they knocked down at 8:4. The Biało-Czerwoni jumped from action to action and, at one point, they were already leading by six points. The Canadians managed to make up for the losses slightly, which meant that in the second technical break it was already 16:12 for the Heynen players.

After the break, Szwarc scored twice and Vernon added a point, which helped the Canadians make up for the two-point loss. This state of affairs lasted a few more minutes. The Poles, however, did not give in to pressure from their rivals and won the match 25:19. The whole match ended with the score of 3:0 for the Polish team.

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