Live in Canada, Leonard Doroftei delivered a viral message from California to EURO 2024

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11/19/2023, 4:17 p.m.

Nationale României qualifies for EURO 2024ass and wines Israel, score 2-1, in the penultimate photo of a foreplay. Elevi him Edi Iordanescu the-au offers o bucurie imensă românilor de pretutindeni.

Leonard Doroftei to lead Romania at EURO 2024: “Ne batem cu toată lumea”

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Printer cei care at sărbătorit calificarea Representativei țării noastre the European champion in Germania numărat și Leonard Doroftei (53 years old), first world boxing champion, takes care of the draping of the României for this May înalte culmi.

Deși a fost împins să părăsească România So there is a tragic episode, Doroftei, stable in Canada as a family member, part of “Tricolorilor” and rapid viral transmission. Adunat a miii de aprecieri, sute de commentsarii și și de redistribuiri. Sports party to celebrate the final round with half the beer.

Hello, Romania! Merge Europe! La chat mai multe victoria, ne batem cu toată lumea! Și eu, și voi, întreaga Românie! Hello, Romania!“, said Doroftei, in a video clip posted on Facebook.

With the României group at EURO 2024

Romania, which needs a point to qualify, will go to its place to become finalist of the European Championship, which was published in 1984, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2016. There is a new best representative, this new representative is the first. In Group I, they beat Elveţia and Remizat acasă cu Kosovo, 1-1.

Victoria with Israel and occupies the photo of the leader of the national ruling group Roma, which is expected, in the urna in doua valorică For the exit of the EURO 2024 group. For the first time, Edi Iordanescu failed to play in the final stages, on the own field, opposite Elveției.

Finally, at this time, “Tricolorii” can be divided between the group “a morții” the final round in Germany, with Franța, Olanda and Elveția. With the arrival of Noroc, Romania can be the plague of Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia.

To achieve stable stability, you need to make a precise calculation in these preliminaries. The series champions are in Germany, they won, and the goals were scored by maybe 5 players in the group. This helps to calibrate inside your business in the one-time chat feature to get in the preliminaries. The results of the echipela from the last place in the echipela group of castes, as is the case in României, are not taken into account in the calculation.

VIDEO Rezumat Israel – Romania 1-2

Vanessa, Leonard Doroftei confided to him, on April 20: the first part of his boxer

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Vanessa Doroftei found herself in contact with Instagram, in Montreal and in her life with another doctor, and she had an official announcement in his life with her. Fiica him Leonard Doroftei was implinited for 20 yearsmy family is approaching.

The multi-ani, Vanessa! I love them», and forwarded Leonard Doroftei, on Facebook, sharing all the photos of the company.

Adrian Doroftei, the world box champion, is this get involved in real estate, pay attention to i-au adus câștiguri semnificative. Alexandru, his brother Adrian, takes care of the engineering profession.

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