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Prince Harry praises King Harald. Photo: Harry: The interview on ITV1 and ITVX at 9 p.m. on January 8 / AP / NTB

Prince Harry and interviewer Michael Strahan on the American television channel ABC News. Photo: AP/NTB

King Harald as he arrives for the banquet at the Grand Hotel after the Nobel Peace Prize presentation at Oslo City Hall on December 10. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

Britain’s Prince Harry praises King Harald in a TV interview for walking away from racism.

The interview was broadcast on the American television channel ABC News Monday and mentioned by the newspaper The Independent. TB discussed the matter on Tuesday.

The prince said King Harald and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands stood out as good examples.

The interviewer then said King Harald had defended Princess Märtha Louise’s relationship with American Durek Verrett – and advocated the fight against racism.

Congratulations to them

King Willem-Alexander expressed his support for the Dutch government excuses for the country’s role in the international slave trade.

– I congratulate them enormously for that. And I don’t think they got enough praise for what they did, Harry said of the two kings.

– But it’s big. And more is needed, he added.

Anti-Racism Against Verrett

Probably the prince is pointing one statement the Norwegian royal household joined in November, where the topic was the relationship between the royal family and Durek Verrett. The background was that Märtha Louise is ending her official duties for the royal household.

– We think it is very good that the princess has become engaged and want Durek Verrett to feel welcome in our family, the press release reads.

Additionally, the Royal House is addressing the racism that Verrett has experienced.

– We strongly distance ourselves from the racist attitudes to which Durek Verrett has been exposed, especially on social networks. It is a strength that the royal house reflects the ethnic diversity found in Norway, he says.

– Can be hard to get used to

The Royal House further writes that they want a society where there is room for everyone in a generous community and where we meet with respect.

– It can be difficult to understand how racism, direct or indirect, conscious or unconscious, can be experienced by those of us who are not ourselves. Unfortunately, many people in Norway today experience discrimination and racism. We must work together to put an end to this.

King Harald has also addressed racism many times in the past and advocated for inclusion and diversity.

The Norwegian and British royal houses maintain close ties. King Harald and the late Queen Elizabeth were close friends and siblings. The Norwegian royal family has visited Britain and the British royal family every year.

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