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Norwegian-Greek Amanda Klara Georgiadis Tenfjord, as it is actually called, has toured with Highasakite and performed at several Norwegian festivals. Besides music, Sunnmøringen works in a hospital and studies medicine.

In May next year, we will see her in one of the two semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. There, she will compete for a spot in the Grand Finals.

I didn’t think it was true

The manager of Tenfjord received a request this summer concerning a possible participation in the Greek selection for Eurovision.

I have to admit we weren’t sure how serious the investigation was at first, but after a phone call that evening we realized it was something we could take seriously. He just wanted us to try to contribute together.

Participation in the Greek selection has long been kept secret.

Photo: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

They quickly decided to give it a try, but wanted to keep it a secret from everyone else to reduce the pressure to deliver.

Even my record label didn’t know. I got in touch with my good friend and producer Bjørn-Helge Gammelsæter, and soon after we had the draft of the song ready.

Tenfjord explains to NRK that the song is a kind of ballad which she herself is very happy with.

It was as recently as Monday this week that Tenfjord was informed that they were in the final in Greece, and today it became clear that Sunnmøringen will go to Turin in Italy.

Not the only Norwegian

ESCNorge editor and Eurovision fan Alexander Gjørøy thinks it’s a lot of fun that Greece is now represented by a Norwegian artist.

It’s super cool that Norwegian artists are interested and want to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. It should be praised rather than criticized, even if it’s not us they represent.

Sunnmøringen is far from the first to represent another country, says Gjørøy

Alexander Gjørøy, Eurovision and MGP expert - editor at ESCNorge

Superfan Alexander Gjørøy thinks it’s fun when Norwegian artists participate for other countries.

Photo: Linda Marie Vedeler / NRK

The Swedes have tried other countries every year.

Then we like to laugh a little at them, but it’s just fun when we do it ourselves, he jokes further.

Not only Swedes are known to participate in countries other than their own. This has been common from the start, continues the Eurovision expert.

Luxembourg and Monaco have always had the habit of favoring French and Greek artists. It is in the history of Eurovision, and it is not new. There are also no rules against it. We have done it, and others have done it.

Do you think Norwegians are influenced and vote for Greece only because it is Norwegian?

You like to vote a little more if there is a Norwegian artist on stage. But in the end, it’s the song and the contribution, the whole package, that’s said – not what country you’re actually from.

It’s not just Greece that takes part in Eurovision with Norwegian artists. In the Czech Republic, the group participates “We Are Domi”, where Benjamin Rekstad and Casper Hatlestad make up two of the three members

In San Marino, the artist Vanja V tries her hand, who, among other things, has already participated in MGPjr.

– It will be exciting to see if Vanja makes it to the final in San Marino and if the Czech Republic go for the Norwegian contribution.

Big fan of Eurovision

Like many others, Amanda has been a longtime Eurovision fan.

Amanda Tenfjord

Tenfjord is looking forward to entering the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

Photo: Torleif Kvinnesland

I’ve watched Eurovision every year since I was a kid. We had a tradition at home that we always invited lots of friends and had a real party with Greek food and big cheers. In addition, everyone had their own form and awarded points for all contributions.

She has always encouraged Greece and thinks it’s great that she represents the country. It is with admiration that she will now go on stage in Turin.

I’m really looking forward to being with myself, but I’m a little scared too. It’s incredibly big!

The artist explains that she herself had never registered for the competition, but that she is doing it for Greece. She envisions being on stage during Eurovision will be an unforgettable experience.

– I hope that Norway will encourage me and that we can all be friends, because I don’t want to be a traitor.

The first Melodi Grand Prix semi-final will begin on Saturday, January 15 at 7:50 p.m. on NRK1. Who will represent Norway will be decided in the final on Saturday February 19.

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