Now it’s climate celebration!

In Kolben, there are lessons in music, culture, politics and repair, and you are invited.

Klimafest is a national action with climate festivals. Kolben and Nordre Follo have been involved for many years. On Saturday January 28, it’s time again.

New this year is that there is also a repair party. There will be two workshops, one for electronics and one for clothing.

As for electronics, you can bring smaller electronic items such as a broken mobile phone etc., and with Restarters Norway you can learn how to repair your stuff yourself. Note! If you need a new part, you have to bring it yourself. For example, an old lamp that needs a cord, so you bring the cord (Strekstrøm cannot be fixed).

Will create unity

Climate and Fix Festival 2023 is a collaboration between Framtiden i våre hände, Association for Nature Conservation, Library, Cultural School, Kolben and others.

– Through this festival, we want to create unity. Good music and culture for all generations contributes to a more humane society and a move away from materialism, says Marja Liisa Sandbakken of the School of Culture.

According to tradition, it all happens in Kolben, and the organizers promise hours of fun and engaged life and excitement in the community.

OPENS THE FESTIVAL: The orchestra of the cultural school opens the climate festival.

Opens with story time and a concert

The day begins with stories for schoolchildren. Sandbakken is responsible for the event with the library.

Afterwards, there will be a festival concert with the Orchestra of the School of Culture, before the rest of the day is packed with events.

As soon as you enter the entrance to Kolben, you will come across several stalls and there will be a drawing table for the children.

On the 2nd floor, there will be a political debate where all parties will be present, and the mayor and his “challenger”, the first candidate of the Conservative Party, will also be present. Everyone can ask questions, but don’t forget that the theme of this day is the environment and the climate in the municipality.

You can find a full overview of everything happening in the blue facts box.


Repair and overhaul get their own attention during the climate festival. There will be fashion designer Linda Hörnquist, trained in Milan. It helps you see your clothes in a new light.

– She is eager to see new opportunities and cool details. She usually runs her own workshop in Asker, says Ingrid Marie Nissen of the Nature Conservation Association.

Nissen clearly emphasizes the need for such a festival:

– It is crucial for the environment on earth that we consume less and start to repair and reuse. That is why we are happy and proud to have been able to organize both the Climate Festival and the Fiksefest in Kolben this year, she says.

Program Info

You can join the whole program or choose parts of it.

Complimentary hot soup is served.


  • 11.00 Story time for children: Cinderella and good environmentalists
  • 11:30 a.m. Opening of the Climate Festival
  • 11:45 a.m. Concerts and cultural events with, among other teachers and students from the cultural school and the Svartskog fiddler ensemble.
  • 12:30 What should we do to secure nature and a livable climate for the future? v/ Ingrid Rostad, ForUM
  • 13.15 What will be the priority of Nordre Follo political parties in terms of local climate and environmental measures? Debate with local elected officials
  • 19.00 Climate and environment concert, Kullebunden Jazz. Roraima with Sigurd Hole
  • 12-15 Fixed evening
    • The Workshop: Learn how to repair electronics with Restarters Norway. They provide knowledge and tools. Don’t forget to bring spares or get advice on how to order spares or screens online and help with fitting. Bring charger and adapter and item fully charged.
    • The Volunteer Centre: Do you have any pants that are split in the seam, too long/short or have holes in the knees or a jacket that has a broken zipper, or maybe the woolen socks have holes in them. Feel free to bring your favorite clothes to change into.
    • Designer Linda Hörnquist and the Kolbotn Redesign Group can show you how to repair and revamp various clothes and textiles.
    • We have reusable fabrics and discarded clothes, scissors, thread, tape and other equipment and 4 sewing machines for you to use. Feel free to bring a sewing machine if you don’t want to wait your turn.

Ingrid Rostad talks about the environmental agreement

One person looking forward to this year’s climate festival is the leader of the future in our hands Nordre Follo, Nicholas Wilkinson. Residents can expect a visit from Ingrid Rostad, nature adviser at the Forum for Development and the Environment (ForUM).

– I am very happy that Ingrid Rostad from ForUM, who participated in the negotiations in Canada for the environmental agreement, is coming to tell what happened there, said Wilkinson.

For the record: The Nature Convention is an international agreement for the preservation of nature, also called “Paris Agreement for the Environment”. If you want to know more about this, you have the opportunity to hear from someone who was actually present during the recent renewal of the agreement. That was 12 years ago, and the agreement was renewed with major changes.

The municipal election begins

Wilkinson points out that the festival is a great opportunity to gain a lot of information and knowledge. Last but not least, the first political debate for the municipal elections is launched.

– All the parties are coming. Then we can get information about what the parties are doing for the climate and the environment in our municipality, which should be important to all voters, Wilkinson says.

He concludes with a small appeal to the citizens:

– We need action, not just bad climate news. You and I can do a lot, but it’s hard for many to know what’s best. Here at Klimafestivalen you will get the information and help you need.

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