NYT reporter wants to ‘burn Jews like Hitler did’

The New York Times. Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters/NTB



Hate speech in the media; refers to the Jews as the offspring of dogs.

In addition to permanent employees, the media relies on freelancers, including reporters, photographers and technical staff, especially to cover events abroad.

This applies especially in Palestinian areas, where The New York Times has local representation to report on social life and politics, including the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israel.


The New York Times has now terminated its relationship with a Palestinian freelancer. Fady Hossam Hanona worked as a so-called fixer, which involves helping journalists with things like transport and interpretation services.

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The reason is that Hanona posted derogatory references to Jews on social media as well as wishes for murder and genocide, writes New York Post.

In parallel, Hanona reported on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which erupted again this summer when Israel launched an attack on the Iranian-backed Islamic Holy War militia in the Gaza Strip. A fragile truce is concluded on August 7.

The case continues.

Screenshot. Photo: Fady Hanona/Twitter

In the messages that Hanona is supposed to be the author, it was said, among other things: “I do not accept any Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or any other person who speaks Hebrew. I am for killing them wherever they are: children, old people and soldiers.

Elsewhere, Hanona refers to the Jews as the offspring of dogs (“sons of dogs”), and wants them to be killed and burned “as Hitler did”.

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Hanona has now deleted her social media accounts. Honest Reporting, the pro-Israel group that brought Hanona’s anti-Semitic remarks to light, did not say whether the documents in question are recent.

The New York Times states that he is no longer cooperating with Hanona and claims that he has only had assignments in recent weeks. The newspaper would not say how many stories Hanona has contributed to.

Now it also turns out that Hanona has been a favorite employee of various outlets, including the BBC, Vice and The Guardian. It is not known if Hanona worked for Norwegian media such as NRK or VG.


Journalistic laxity – or deliberate choice of words? NRK will not say who shot the Israelis (+)

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