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Illegal fishing and other fishing crimes contribute to overfishing worldwide. A 2022 UN report shows that more than a third of the world’s fish stocks are overexploited.

Exploitation of wildlife is a significant reason why one million species are threatened with extinction, the Nature Panel said in 2019.

Today, the UN Nature Panel presented a new report on the use of wildlife.

The use of wildlife in fishing, harvesting, gathering and harvesting of land animals as well as hunting has been mapped over the past 20 years.

The results show that use has increased in most cases. It is not sustainable, the report says.

A fisherman in Hungary uses fishing nets to catch fish.

Photo: Attila Balazs/AP

– considerably

– The world is experiencing a dramatic and growing loss of diversity in nature caused by human activity, says Nina Vik, thematic director at the Norwegian Environment Agency, at NRK.

The recent report provides knowledge and tools for the sustainable use of wildlife. These include plants, animals, fungi and algaeaccording to the Norwegian Environment Agency.

– The report will help develop and implement the new international framework to be adopted at the Nature Summit in Montreal, Canada in December, Vik said.

Lack of alternatives

One in five people depend on wildlife for their income and food.

Those living below the poverty line are particularly dependent on wildlife.

– People living in developing countries are the most exposed to unsustainable use. The lack of alternatives forces them to exploit species already exposed, explains the French Jean-Marc Fromentin in the relationship to naturesign.


The photo shows the felling of rainforests in the Amazon.


The report shows that 50,000 wild species meet the needs of billions of people around the world every day. They are used for energy, materials, medicine and more. More than 10,000 species are used as food for humans.

New Nature Values ​​Report

This week, the UN Nature Panel is holding its ninth plenary session in Bonn, Germany.

For four years, 85 experts from around the world studied the sustainable use of wild species. The report was approved by the 139 member countries on Thursday, according to the Norwegian Environment Agency.

On July 11, a new report from the UN Nature Panel will be launched, which is to value nature. The report should provide a basis for understanding and taking into account the values ​​of nature. The goal is to stop the climate crisis and achieve sustainability goals.

The UN Nature Panel was established in 2012 to coordinate science and policy within biodiversity and the ecosystem. It has a role similar to that of the United Nations Climate Panel.

– The pressure on nature is unbearable

Karoline Andaur, secretary general of WWF’s World Wide Fund for Nature, believes the report leaves no doubt.

– The pressure we exert on nature is violent and unbearable. Urgent action is needed to change course.

She thinks a new global nature agreement will be more important than ever. The countries of the world must commit themselves to better manage nature and to stop the disappearance of nature.

– The good news is that we can do something about the situation. Sustainable and equitable use of wildlife is possible if we approach the natural crisis from both a social and ecological perspective, says Andaur and stresses that we have a lot to learn from the sustainable use of nature by people. Indigenous Peoples.

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