Ottawa – Four children found dead

Canada is shaken by a massacre in the capital Ottawa; Four children and two adults were found dead in an adjoining apartment yesterday evening local time, reports public broadcaster CBC.

Man arrested

It was 11 p.m. local time on Wednesday when a number of people called to send emergency messages about an incident in the residential neighborhood in question, about 15 kilometers south of downtown Ottawa. .

When emergency services entered the house, they found that six people were dead. An injured man was also at the scene and was taken to hospital. Another man was arrested at the scene.

This horrific incident is now under investigation.

At 8:00 p.m. Norwegian time on Thursday, police said the children killed were aged two months, two years, four years and seven years. The adults killed were the children’s mother, aged 35, and a family friend, aged 40, respectively. The injured man is the father of the children.

The family recently arrived in Canada from Sri Lanka.

The arrested man is a 19-year-old Sri Lankan student. He is now charged with all six murders.

No shooting

In a television interview with CBC this (Thursday) morning, Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs said it was a shooting. This turns out to be false; Superintendent Jeff Pilon of the homicide section says there was no shooting at the address.

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