Cycling does not affect men’s sexual health

This is what a study published in Journal of Urology .

It is often claimed and speculated whether men who cycle a lot, more than others, have potency and prostate problems due to the pressure on a bicycle saddle.

A group of researchers, notably American, verified whether these hypotheses were valid.

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Cyclists versus runners and swimmers

The study was carried out in this way:

The researchers invited cyclists from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to take part. Additionally, they recruited men by contacting international cycling, running and swimming groups.

The men had to answer a series of questions concerning, among other things, their state of health and their lifestyle.

In addition, they were asked to provide information on how often they cycle, which bike they use, the type of seat, whether they use padded shorts, and whether they mostly stand or sit when they ride. biking.

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The men were divided into three groups:

Those who cycled a lot (more than three times a week), those who cycled a little, and those who didn’t cycle at all – but consisted of swimmers and runners.

In total, almost 4,000 men took part in the survey.

The occurrence of problems related to sexual health or prostate problems was revealed through a questionnaire.

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The results

There were no differences between groups in prostate health. Power issues also did not produce significant differences.

In contrast, those who cycled a lot experienced more pain and numbness around the genitals than other groups.

The researchers write that the more cyclists stand while cycling and the higher the handlebars, the lower the risk of getting sores and numbness.

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Health Benefits

Although this study found no evidence that cycling is harmful to men’s health, it was designed in such a way that it also cannot prove that cycling has no negative impacts.

That said, the health benefits of cycling are considerable. For example, by improving physical fitness, improving heart health and reducing the risk of several chronic diseases.

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  2. Cycling ‘does not cause sexual or urinary problems in men’, survey finds

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