Presented as the main partner of the organizer of the World Cup: – A solid player

World Cup organizer Hell RX gets road safety company Ramudden into the team as main partner at the World Cup circus in Lånkebanen.

From left to right: Emma Terøy (Marketing Coordinator) and Magnus Sørvik (Sales Manager) of Ramudden, and Hell RX Tor leader Helge Forbord Slind.
Photo: Erik Hoas

– For us at Hell RX, it means a lot to bring such a solid player into the World Cup circus. That means you have a lot more legs to stand on, says Hell-RX leader Tor Helge Forbord Slind.

On Friday, the World Cup organizer was able to present its new main partner, Ramudden.

Road safety specialists

Ramudden, which was established in Sweden in 2005, is a comprehensive provider of workplace safety in high traffic environments. The company started an investment in Norway in 2016 and today has a presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Canada.

– Including Ramudden who are specialists in road safety has a lot to say for, among other things, the fluidity of traffic on departmental road 705, where we have seen previously that there have been challenges in connection with the event. The expertise they possess will strengthen the event, and that creates security, says Forbord Slind.


The event attracted over 15,000 spectators. A new collaboration agreement has just been signed

Hell RX and Ramudden also signed a deal in 2021 but the World Cup event was later canceled due to the pandemic.

Must help with circulation

Sales Manager at Ramudden in Norway, stjørdalingen Magnus Sørvik, shares the excitement with Forbord Slind when it comes to creating a great event on Lånkebanen on August 13-14.

– We are very excited to finally implement this. For us, it’s about supporting an event that we think is very good, and we think we have a strength that can help the organizer, says Sørvik.

Ramudden will, among other things, assist Hell RX with traffic flow and vehicle transfer on the Lånkebanen as part of the event, in addition to various application processes, many of which exist prior to such an event.

– Now a new E6 is under construction in the north and south, and if you have 25,000 of them on the Lånkebanen, you will have challenges. In this case, it’s good to have a partner behind you who has the full picture. We want to help plan and contribute to the arrival so that there is no traffic chaos, says Sørvik.


Ramudden’s sales manager believes that the collaboration with Hell RX will bring synergies.

– When we entered into this collaboration, we want to use our other partners for the event. We chose to add our own guest event to Scandic Hell, and that’s because the hotel has an agreement with Hell RX. We want to take advantage of this synergy, he says.

Ramudden’s intention is to be a lead partner until 2024.

In accordance with the plan

Hell RX leader Forbord Slind says the World Cup organizer is on schedule with planning for the rallycross circus which will take place in just over five months.

– There are a lot of people who will be in place so that we can put this in place, but the planning is going very well and we are on schedule, he said.


Now the date for the World Cup event is ready

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