Record population growth in Canada – Document

High immigration led to record population growth in Canada last year.

For the first time, the population increased by more than a million people, according to new figures from the country’s central statistics office. The country has more than 39.5 million inhabitants.

The reason for this development is immigration, which the government is trying to facilitate. Like many other wealthy countries, Canada has an aging population and is currently experiencing a labor shortage. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to solve the challenge of opening doors to foreigners.

437,180 immigrants arrived in Canada last year, which should also have been a new record. Additionally, 607,782 people received temporary permission to work or study in the country.

Although migration is a hot-button political issue in many other Western countries, Canadians generally have a positive attitude toward immigration.

The government has made it easier for Afghans to enter the country, and last year many Ukrainians also arrived. Population growth in 2022 was 2.7 percent, which is a very high level globally. The vast majority of countries with higher population growth than this are in Africa.

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