SalMar refrains from appealing record fine

I do not agree with the assessment of winter sores carried out by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Earlier this summer, it became public that SalMar had received a record sum of NOK 1.7 million following an unannounced visit by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Coast Guard to the Hjortøya site.

“SalMar Oppdrett has received a decision regarding infringement charges from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority following the company’s handling of a winter herpes outbreak at the Hjortøya site this winter. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority concluded that an infringement fee would be imposed. Good fish welfare is the basis of SalMar’s operations. It is also concern for the health and well-being of fish that has guided SalMar’s management of the winter ulcer outbreak,” SalMar wrote in a press release.

“SalMar strongly disagrees that there is a basis for imposing violation fees after addressing this complex health situation. Based on an overall assessment, SalMar has decided not to not slaughter all the fish in the cage, which would have resulted in the death of many fish not affected by winter sores. SalMar notes that the Norwegian Food Safety Authority later assessed this differently in this case. SalMar nevertheless chooses to leave the costs unchanged without appealing.”

SalMar employees and management will continue their ongoing work to develop and improve efforts to increase animal welfare, in collaboration with the Fish Health Services and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

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