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You have to be careful about excluding information you don’t agree with. It’s a scary development, said journalist and member of Norwegian PENs commission for eastern and central Europe, Amund Trellevik.

The EU decided this week to block Russia Today and Sputnik from broadcasting in their member states. They believe that the Russian media are propaganda outlets and spread false information about the war in Ukraine.

The Norwegian government is now considering whether to follow in the footsteps of the EU, writes Klassekampen today.

– If someone had asked me a year ago if Norway had considered blocking newspapers, I would have thought you were joking, says Trellevik in PEN.

Amund Trellevik of Norwegian PEN finds it unusual for Norway to consider blocking newspapers.

Photo: Ole Åsheim / Nordlys

He understands that such a debate arises, but believes that Norway must now stand on its own values.

-SRiver either it’s about an undemocratic regime, we must defend our rights and democratic principles – and here freedom of expression is central. If there’s one thing that shouldn’t go down now, it’s the principles, says Trellevik.

– Can never stop the lies

In a meeting with the Oslo Publishers Association, signals emerged that Norway was also considering censoring the website.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre got spørsmal on the blockade of the EU and whether it is wise a hosteløre more censorship on the norwegian side. Among other things, he replied that it was natural for Norway to join.

It is a bad idea if the authorities will decide what is fake news, says Kristoffer Egeberg, editor-in-chief of Faktisk.no.

This is what Norway does not want to compare itself to, believes the publisher.

Kristoff Egeberg

Kristoffer Egeberg hopes that the government will not decide to block Russia Today and Sputnik, but rather inform about fake news.

Photo: Torstein Boe / NTB scanpix

Russian propaganda still finds its way. You can never stop lying. But you can build people up, make them more critical, and better navigate media diversity, Egeberg says.

Russia protested EU censorshipn and in France, a local branch of Russia Today filed a complaint. They believe that there is a violation of freedom of expression.

Egeberg refers to mountain weather rules.

In a crisis, the danger is that hasty decisions are taken. But there’s no shame in turning around.

Naturally, Norway follows the EU

NRK has asked the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whether Norway will censor Russian newspapers, in collaboration with the EU.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Secretary of State Eivind what Petersson responds by e-mail to NRK.

Following the attack on Ukraine, RT and Sputnik were used by the Putin regime to broadcast war propaganda. The RT and Sputnik channels are controlled by the Russian authorities and have been key tools in this campaign.

Petersson believes that there should in principle be very good reasons for restricting freedom of expression.

In this situation, it is natural for Norway to follow the EU. We are faced with demanding dilemmas here, and we are now making our own thorough assessments of these conditions.

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