Six in ten worry about the loss of nature

The world is in the midst of a global natural crisis. Wildlife populations have been reduced on average by 69% since 1970. As much as 75% of the territory is greatly influenced by us humans. The oceans are overexploited, they are filled with plastic and are becoming more and more acidic. A third of the world’s forests have disappeared. A million species plants and animals are threatened with extinction.

Today, a new survey by WWF shows that more and more people are concerned about the rapid loss of nature. The proportion has risen to nearly 60%, a 10% increase since 2018. In addition, the survey shows that nature and the climate crisis are seen as the most important policy areas for people (81%).

– Nature, as we know it, is disappearing, largely because of the way we overconsume it. Fortunately, we see that people are increasingly aware of the acute natural crisis we find ourselves in and that more and more people are demanding political action. An ambitious and global nature agreement can become a foundation wall in the work to halt and reverse dramatic development, and take action to strengthen nature, for the benefit of the people and species that depend on it, says WWF World Wide Fund for Nature Secretary General , Karoline Andaur.

In the new survey, in which more than 9,200 people were questioned, 56% believe that the measures taken by the authorities to take care of nature are insufficient. A similar investigationwhich was conducted in Norway earlier this year showed that seven out of ten Norwegians agreed with the statement that Norwegian politicians need to do much more to stop the loss of nature than they do today today.

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