Standing ovation for Ukrainian SS veteran in Canadian Parliament

A veteran of Hitler’s Galicia SS division in Ukraine has received tributes and a standing ovation in the Canadian Parliament. The entire National Assembly enthusiastically applauded the 98-year-old Nazi veteran. Yaroslav Gunka was praised for his fight for Ukraine’s independence against Russia. It was not mentioned that he had fought for Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, but those who invited him and engineered the scandal naturally knew that.

He has previously published photos of himself at the front during World War II.

AFP published photos of him and described Hunka, 98, as a “Canadian-Ukrainian veteran.”

Videos from Parliament also showed MPs giving the Nazi veteran a standing ovation.

The First Galician Division was formed by the Nazis in 1943, when the Soviet Union took over the Eastern Front. It was made up of around 80,000 volunteers, mainly Ukrainians, from the Galicia region, covering what is now southwestern Poland and western Ukraine.

In kyiv, the city council decided to name a street after the Waffen-SS commander of World War II.

The notorious unit took part in brutal anti-guerrilla operations across Poland and Soviet Ukraine and was accused of massacres and other atrocities against the Polish, Jewish and Russian civilian population. It was crushed by the Red Army in July 1944 and soon renamed the Ukrainian National Army, before surrendering to the Western Allies after the fall of Berlin in May 1945. After the war, some members of the 1st Galician Division fled to Canada , which has a large Ukrainian diaspora.

During his speech to the Canadian Parliament, Zelensky said Canada had always been on the “right side of history” in past wars, and thanked the Trudeau government for its support of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

At the end of August, Zelensky posted a photo on social media showing a Ukrainian soldier wearing the uniform badge of the 1st Galician Division. Kiev troops were also seen wearing the insignia of the infamous 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, one of the worst Nazi punitive units, the 3rd SS Panzer Division “Totenkopf”, as well as various swastikas and other symbols of far right.

Our friends on the Norwegian left in SV and Rødt should soon realize what kind of forces they have allied themselves with. Historian Lars Borgersrud de Rødt is one of the strongest defenders of Norwegian support for Ukraine. He notably studied the history of the Second World War in the Soviet Union. Doesn’t that soon start to mean something to you?

The President of the Canadian Parliament then apologized for the scandal, without this changing anything. The authorities knew what they were doing.

George Galloway shakes Canada and the country’s political “elite” for this very revealing act (around 2:50 p.m.):

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