Støre warns of the electricity crisis: – It could take one, two or three years

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre fears that the gravity of the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis in Europe has not yet penetrated sufficiently into Norway. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB



Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) has no illusions about the fall. But he denies that cooperation within government has deteriorated, reports NTB.

– We know that we are entering a year where a lot will be asked of us, says Støre.

High electricity prices, international economic recessions and war
– Norway is a small country open to a large, rather rough sea, he says.


– We basically have good resources to get through this and achieve a soft landing. But I think I will take every opportunity to stress that we are going through a difficult year, explains the Prime Minister in an interview with NTB.

“Winter is coming”

– We have our own hydroelectricity, which we must make the best use of. But we have a Europe in energy crisis because of the war in Ukraine, the lack of gas, the shutdown of nuclear power. Although coal power is taking off, coal is also disappearing from the mix. And there was little wind, emphasizes Støre.

– So I think we have to worry that it’s not over anytime soon. It can take one, two or three years, he warns.

Bourgeois majority in the July elections and unrest in the Center Party

At the same time, support for the Center Party continues to decline – from 13.5% in last year’s elections to an average of 6.2% in July polls, according to figures from the website. Poll of polls.

The sturgeon is caught
– I have to relate to the experiences we have in the government, he said.

– There is no party in this government that is beaten by the other. These are the conclusions we come to together. For there to be declarations in one or another newspaper by people who want more of what they are, you have to live with that in a democracy. But at least it’s a government that, based on the work internally and the decisions we make, is supportive. I invite you to talk minister after minister to find out if there is an image that they recognize, I think they will, he said.

– Have you noticed any disruption from the Center Party? NTB asks in the interview

– It is clear that when parties fall in the polls and have a challenge in a situation that for many is financially demanding, it is also politically demanding, says Støre.

– But it’s part of everyday political life that politicians have to deal with.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is under pressure to do more to secure electricity supply and stem sky-high electricity prices. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

Higher prices and restrictive policies
– I have great faith that with the values ​​on which we are based – working for ordinary people across the country – we will be able to keep differences small, distribute fairly and help those who are particularly vulnerable, he says.


– But there will be higher energy prices and government policy that keeps more, rather than doing as in recent years and just splurging on more, concludes the Prime Minister.

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