Stysiak takes on a huge responsibility. And he explains what went wrong with Polish women

The Poles started the match with Canada well – from winning the first set to 18. For the next 2.5 sets, they seemed to leave the court. They were losing 1:2, but managed to turn the tide of the match. This win may prove invaluable as it still gives them a good chance of qualifying for the World Cup quarter-finals.

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Polish volleyball players felt tired. That’s why they faltered against Canada

What caused problems for the Poles despite the good opening of the meeting? – Such a weak game came from fatigue – explained Magdalena Stysiak after the meeting. – The first set was at a good level, then more and more fatigue was already setting in. It was obvious on the pitch that we couldn’t even manage – she added.

– It was even difficult to organize his thoughts in his head and come back 100% ready for the next set. We can’t blame everything on this fatigue, but we can also defend ourselves against it. We have to deal with it. But for now we are happy that we got up and managed to win – said the Polish striker.

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“It was a necessary test for all of us. Our experience helps in difficult times”

Sure, it was the Poles who ultimately got the win with Canada, but it kind of seemed like in a worst-case scenario, someone had started planning a happy ending for them. – Fate wanted us to win this set a little. Everything was with us. And luck and the end of the attacks. It lifted our spirits and made us believe we could win. That’s why this fifth set started this way and went all the way – estimated Stysiak.

– It was a necessary test for each of us. Our experience helps in difficult times to breathe deeply, to believe and to fight – indicated the competitor.

Poland - Canada, volleyballWith this attack, Stysiak redeemed all sins. Polish women listened to Lavarini

Stysiak: It’s a big responsibility. But I love her and I want to support her

How will Polish women react to victory after such a difficult encounter? – He builds. We knew for a long time in this group, in Gdańsk, that the match against Canada would be difficult. That when we get out of this and find Canadians, it will be very difficult for us. It will also be difficult with the Germans, but I can assure you that we will fight. We want to rest, reset our head and body. Tomorrow we go out focused and we try to win this game as well as ensure promotion – assured the Pole.

– Playing in such matches at the World Championships in this team is a great responsibility. But I love him and I want to take him on my shoulders. I want the girls to trust me and I can help this team – summed up Magdalena Stysiak.

Women's volleyball match: Poland - Canada in Łódź, October 7, 2022.Such is the situation in the “Polish” group after the thriller with Canada. Is beautifully [TABELA]

The last match of the Polish women in the second phase of the tournament – the match with the Germans at the Atlas Arena in Łódź – is scheduled for Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Victory will ensure their promotion to the quarter-finals. Live coverage on and in the LIVE app.

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