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  • Mol / Sorum – Stojanovskij / Krasilnikov 21-17, 21-18

The Norwegians stretched their arms in the air when the last opponent sent a serve straight into the net on Norway’s match ball. Eventually, Mol and Sørum sank into the sand and gave each other a big hug.

Knowing that it is a feat that no one has done before them in Norway.

– It’s so ridiculously delicious. It is impossible to describe it. There is so much work behind. Seeing Christian in the islands and giving him the medal is completely magical, Anders Mol told NRK.

THE GOLD LIST: Kåre Mol, Anders Mol, Christian Sørum and Jetmund Berntsen cheer for Olympic gold at the beach volleyball arena in Tokyo on Saturday.

Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB

His partner Christian Sørum was asked about his nerves ahead of such an important match in the biggest arena for an athlete.

– We were excited. We were happy to be in an Olympic final, but we really wanted this gold medal. I told Anders that the silver medal was OK, but the gold medal was much better. I took a screenshot of Olympic gold three years ago and have seen it on my mobile every day since, he told NRK.

– Don’t understand what they are made of

Minutes after gold became a fact, the historic duo also claimed the victorious round in front of the Norwegian delegation, with both the Minister of Culture and the President of Sports in the stands, while the roars of the victory resounded on a poor public. sand volleyball stadium.

Eventually, Mol and Sørum also found their trainers. It was an emotional moment. Coach and dad Kåre Mol had the following to say to NRK after the gold became a fact:

– I’m so happy that they’re playing a solid and completely unique game. That they manage to play the best of the year, I think then, in the final and gag the Russians in this way, it’s touching, he says and continues:


CELEBRATED: Christian Sørum and Anders Mol found their way to coaches Jetmund Berntsen and Kåre Mol in the stands after the final victory.

Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB

– Being at the top of the podium is not what I find the most euphoric, they are good boys and they play a solid volleyball match.

Together with assistant coach Jetmund Berntsen, the foursome celebrated together on the pitch. They posed for the photographers with the medals, said a few well-chosen words to each other and gave each other hug after hug.

To NRK’s ​​questions about what it’s like to take gold, Berntsen responds as follows:

– No, we don’t know. We have never experienced this before. We are completely taken aback. We’re getting margins, but playing the best game so far in the Olympics, and the boys are so calm. I don’t understand what they are made of, he adds.

Cold Rival Grinette

Norway certainly opened the final nervously. Stojanovski and Krasilnikov served aggressively, won important points and had a four-point lead at 7-3.

But little by little the Norwegian beach volleyball duo woke up. And then what completely changed the game happened.

At the 8-7 position of the Russian Olympic Committee, Anders Mol jumped on the net to block a spike from Vyacheslav Krasilnikov.


CHARACTERIZED BY INJURY: Vyacheslav Krasilnikov in the match against Norway.


Going down to the sand, Mol stepped on the rival’s foot. Krasilnikov came down for the count, visibly tormented by the “clash”. Everything looked like a blanket. NRK expert Vegard Høidalen feared the match would end like this.

Krasilnikov had to take so-called medical time off, received treatment with ice on his ankle, and then had to start playing again. The whole incident made Mol and Sørum react. Among other things, they tell NRK that the Russian tends to get grumpy when things go wrong and that became a clear advantage for Norway afterwards.

Solid second set

From there and away, it was mostly Norway in the opening set. They equalized, took the lead and then got five chances to decide the first set. They finally succeeded and won 21-17.

The second set went on for a long time, but eventually Mol and Sørum built a trap. At the same time, expert Høidalen believed that Krasilnikovs was still affected by the injury and was unable to enter at 100%.

Either way, the Norwegian duo kept the game away and got three match points to decide it all. When Stoyanovsky served a ball straight into the net, the historic victory was a void. It was never really exciting.

Folk festival in the birthplace of Mols

Norway’s Olympic gold wasn’t just celebrated by main characters and supporting staff in Tokyo on Saturday. Several hundred people gathered last night in Anders Mol’s hometown of Strandvik in the west of the country, south of Bergen.

Among them was Anders Mol’s mother, Merita. She called it magical to arrive there with a big screen and a sea of ​​people geared up for battle.

– I have no words for these boys. They are completely unique athletes, she tells NRK and continues:

– It’s the boy’s dream come true. He dreamed about it, imagined and worked on it for many years, since he was very young and he himself was inspired by the big stars. As he participates in his first Olympic Games and wins Olympic gold, it’s touching. I’m so proud of what the boys do.

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