The hope of Polish show jumping does not go to P in Sapporo. He has other priorities

Jan Habdas is doing well this season in the Continental Cup. He regularly finishes in the TOP 10, and even finished fourth to Norway’s Vikersund. He impressed Thomas Thurnbichler, who gave him a chance to play in the World Cup. However, all TCS competitions Habdas finished in the fifth ten, and for the competition in Ga-Pa he did not qualify at all. The breakthrough occurred in Zakopane. In Sunday’s competition, he took 21st place and became the first Pole born in the 21st century to score World Cup points. – I don’t remember my first jump, I was so nervous. The second could have been better. But it’s beautiful – said Habdas in an interview with

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Jan Habdas will not fly to Sapporo. The coaches have decided. The Junior World Championships are a priority

This weekend, the A team of the Polish national team will face off in Sapporo, Japan. Thurnbichler announced the list of players who will fly to Asia. Despite a strong performance at Wielka Krokiew, Habdas was absent from the list. It turns out to be related to the upcoming World Junior Championships, which will take place from January 28 to February 5 in Whistler, Canada. It is this event that is the most important event of this season for Habdas.

Great success of Polish show jumping. Gold and bronze. historic moment

– I hope to be a candidate for a medal, but I don’t want to be as tense as last year. It was not good. Now I want to do my job and I feel that if I do it will be good – he said in an interview with Last year he finished 13th and was very disappointed. This season, he wants to prepare as well as possible for the championship. Thurnbichler and Maciej Maciusiak also want to help him in this area.

The coaches decided to spare the young competitor tedious travel and changing time zones. This is probably why Habdas was not named in Sapporo. The staff do not want the Pole to suffer from “jet lag”, a disorder caused by a sudden change in many time zones, and therefore – a dysregulation of the body’s circadian rhythm.

If Thurnbichler had called Habdas to the Sapporo competition, he would have changed time zones three times in two weeks. First, he might experience jet lag when he arrives in Japan. Later, disruptions may occur after returning to Europe, and another after the change of time zone in Canada. In this situation, the competitor could be not only overworked, but also broken for the world championships.

However, the lack of call-up for the World Cup in Sapporo does not mean rest for Habdas. This weekend, the Pole will fly with the team to the PK competition in Eisenerz. Apart from him, five of our representatives will perform in Austria: Andrew StakaStefan Hula, Jakub Wolny, Kacper Juroszek and Tomasz Pilch.

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After competing in Eisenerz, Habdas will fly to Canada for the World Championships. This event takes place every year and Polish ski jumping has been waiting for a medal for nine years – gold from Jakub Wolny in 2014. “At Habdas we hope for the success of the young Pole, because he is an ambitious player, organized and with a kind of brilliance that pundits see in the greatest players” – writes Łukasz Jachimiak of

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