The Poles beat Canada in the Nations League! The disastrous first set galvanized them. Recording live coverage

Poland – Canada 3:1 (6:25 p.m., 25:20 p.m., 25:23 p.m., 25:21 p.m.)

Poland: Adamczyk, Bednorz, Bołądź, Butryn, Hawryluk, Jakubiszak, Kochanowski, Komenda, Łomacz, Poręba, Semeniuk, Śliwka, Szalpuk, Szymura

Canada: Barnes, Currie, Demyanenko, Eshenko, Herr, Hoag, Ketrzynski, Loeppky, Lui, Maar, McCarthy, Szwarc, Van Berkel, Walsh

Poland and Canada started the Nations League with a 3-point victory. First to appear in Antalya, Turkey, were the Canadians, who beat the tournament hosts 3-1 on Tuesday. The Poles took to the field the next day and confidently beat the United States 3-0 on Wednesday. However, there was not much time to rest, because on Thursday Nikola Grbic’s volleyball players will play their second match in the LN. They will face a team from North America again, which could impose even more difficult conditions on them. Unlike the Americans, Canada arrived in Türkiye with a very solid team.

Poland – Canada LIVE SCORE Live coverage of the Nations League volleyball match

Matches between Poland and Canada have been happening very often for several years. Last season alone, the Whites and Reds faced this rival twice: in the Nations League they won 3-0, and at the end of the season they maintained their impressive winning streak with a score 3-2 in Olympic qualifying. This was one of the most intense matches in history between these teams. Will we see five sets again today? Everything will be explained on the Antalya dance floor from 4:00 p.m.


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