“The Queen of Canada” appeared

They thought they had finally gotten rid of Romana Didulo.

Then, she and her supporters were expected to reappear in the small town of Richmound, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, according to Vice News.

Didulo arrived in September in this small town which has only around 150 inhabitants. Then, she was invited to live with her disciples in the town’s abandoned school, by the school’s owner, Ricky Manz.

Now he regrets it – again

But since the group’s arrival, the city’s citizens have worked resolutely to push her and her supporters out of town.

About a week ago, residents apparently managed to evict them when Didulo and his supporters fled to another town, about an hour’s drive from Richmond.

This must have happened after the firefighters showed up at the school gate. This is reported by several media, including Canadian media Radio-Canada.

Today, she and her supporters would be back in the city. This is what a local resident told Vice on Tuesday.

“Queen of Canada”

Didulo (48) has attracted attention in Canada in recent years. She emigrated to Canada from the Philippines as a teenager, and during her adult life she started a number of businesses that failed.

In 2020, she formed the political party “Canada 1st Party”, which is not an officially registered party in the country.

After receiving support from prominent QAnon leaders in the United States, she formed a group of about 15 to 25 supporters and declared that she had overthrown the government of Canada, writing BBC.

Adopt the theory: - Something really dark

Adopt the theory: – Something really dark

She also refers to herself as “Queen of Canada” and claims that this title is supported by powerful secret American military interests.

The 48-year-old conspiracy theorist diligently shares his views and theories with his supporters in a closed forum on the social network Telegram.

Eventually, some of his followers began to physically join Didulo in his mission. Therefore, the group is also called a cult and Didulo as a cult leader.

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– Extremely violent

On her Telegram channel, she notably stated that she had to erase all the debts of her 36,000 subscribers.

This led his supporters to lose their homes, cars and possessions, Christine Sarteschi, a professor at Chatham University in Pittsburgh and an expert on extremism, told the BBC.

Feared ‘lizard monsters’ – they killed the children

Didulo and his supporters are spreading a number of conspiracy theories online, such as anti-vaccination conspiracies and theories that former US President Donald Trump is waging a secret war against a satanic, pedophile group made up of the so-called elite among world leaders, businesses and media.

Nevertheless, several former members of the sect have spoken out Vice News that Didulo is “extremely violent” with his supporters.

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