The United States and Canada overthrow the Prime Minister they imposed on the Haitian people – a study in imperialist gangsterism

Through intimidation and what in all but name was kidnapping, Washington and Ottawa unceremoniously expelled Ariel Henry – the man they imposed on the Haitian people as Prime Minister and whom they continued to faithfully support for nearly three years as he imposed brutal IMF measures and refused to call presidential or parliamentary elections.

In what was the culmination of a week of imperial intrigue, Henry announced his impending departure in a video broadcast late Monday night from the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, where he is currently stranded.

On Tuesday, March 5, Henry attempted to return to Haiti via the Dominican Republic after a diplomatic mission to Kenya, where he signed a bilateral agreement authorizing imperialist-backed military and security intervention in the Caribbean island nation, run by Kenya. police.

Haiti’s Ariel Henry with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last year [Photo: Haitis regjering]

But the Dominican Republic, no doubt acting on orders from Washington, refused to allow Henry’s plane to land. When he was diverted to Puerto Rico, the Haitian prime minister was confronted with a message from the US State Department, broadcast over the air, demanding his resignation. Upon arrival in San Juan, Henry was greeted by U.S. Secret Service agents and prevented for hours from leaving the plane.

Over the next few days, representatives of the United States, Canada and France – the imperialist powers that lead the so-called Central Group of Nations over Haiti – made it clear that they now viewed Henry as a liability who should be removed from office. .

Things came to a head at a meeting Monday in Kingston, Jamaica, convened by leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), with the physical participation of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, as well as various political leaders Haitians, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin. Trudeau online. Henry, whom the United States, Canada and France had installed in power in July 2021 after the bloody assassination of his predecessor, Jovenil Moïse, was clearly excluded from the debates. The discussions, which continued for about eight hours, resulted in an agreement on the creation of a “broad-based” presidential “transitional council”, composed of seven people, including representatives of the political and economic elite corruption of Haiti, the Roman Catholic Church and “civil society”.

The aim of this mechanism, the composition of which has given rise to bitter disputes, is to provide a fig leaf of “popular” support for the latest military and security intervention supported by imperialism by the poorest country in the world. Western hemisphere.

When Henry apparently objected to his sudden resignation, Trudeau berated him one last time over the phone. Shortly afterwards, Henry released his video statement announcing, as requested, that he was resigning as Prime Minister once the “transition council” was established.

After the meeting, Blinken declared with unprecedented cynicism: “Only the Haitian people can, only the Haitian people must decide their own future. Nor anyone else.

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