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The small Arctic islet has been disputed since a 1973 border agreement did not specify who owns the island. This caused soldiers to stop and plant a Danish or Canadian flag – and leave a bottle of liquor. Then the other side came, stocked up on alcohol, changed the flag and left a new bottle.

In 2018, a task force was set up to solve the problem of the 1.3 square kilometer island, and in November 2021, they accepted.

The island is divided in two, the maritime border between Canada and Denmark is determined, and Denmark extends its maritime territory with an area corresponding to Jutland, Funen and Zealand combined. The demarcation line above Hans øy will also be the northernmost border that Schengen citizens can cross before having to go through border control. Greenland is not a member of the EU, but has a special status as an overseas country and territory.

The case continues under the video

His island is off the northern coast of Greenland, and if Greenlanders secede from the Danish Commonwealth, they will also keep the small island called Tartupaluk in Greenlandic. This name means kidney-shaped, while the Danish name is in memory of a Greenlandic trapper and expedition participant.

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