Tokyo 2020: Russians were the first to qualify for the semi-finals of the volleyball tournament

The Russians started this meeting with a bang. They presented themselves well on the field in the service and quickly took a significant advantage (3-8). Later in the set, they kept point-to-point distance. When Maksim Mikhailov showed the service ace, it was already 1:20 p.m. In the end, the Canadians chased their rival, reduced their losses (20:23), but Sborna scored the missing points. They were provoked by the successful attacks of Artiom Wolwicz and Mikhailov (21:25).

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The second edition was very regular. In the end, the volleyball players of both teams made mistakes. Maple Leaf volleyball players were already down 20:23, but they tied at 23:23. Wolwicz won from set play, but the opponents managed to take the lead. In this one, the Russians had more set plays, and he ended the long competition with an effective attack from Mikhailov (28:30).

In the third game, coach Glenn Hoag’s players tried to follow their rivals, but Sborna’s volleyball players had the advantage (9:12, 13:18). They looked like they were on a winning streak, but in the end, the Canadiens went on a string of winning streaks. After attacks from Lucas Van Berkel and Ryan Sclater, separated by John Gordon Perrin’s ace, it was 20:22. However, the series was interrupted by an effective attack from Maksim Mikhailov. The rivals’ service error gave the Russians a match ball (21:24) and Dmitry Volkov successfully ended the competition in the first quarter-final (22:25).

Most points: John Gordon Perrin (15), Ryan Joseph Sclater (14), Lucas Van Berkel (11), Nicholas Hoag (10) – Canada; Dmitry Volkov (15), Maksim Mikhailov (14), Yegor Kljuka (12) – Russia. The Canadians began a balanced fight with the top-ranked opponent. They made more mistakes themselves, they scored worse with serve (4-8). They can certainly regret the second set in which they had the opportunity to tie the game.

The Russian volleyball players, acting as the Russian Olympic Committee, will face the winner of the second match of the 1/4 finals in the semi-finals. The hosts of the games, the Japanese will play against Brazil.

Canada – Russia 0:3 (9:25 p.m., 11:30 p.m., 10:25 p.m.)

Canada: Tyler Sanders, Graham Vigrass, Nicholas Hoag, John Gordon Perrin, Lucas Van Berkel, Ryan Joseph Sclater – Blair Cameron Bann (libero) and Sharone Vernon-Evans, Jay Blankenau, Arthur Szwarc, Steven Marshall. Coach: Glen Hoag.
Russia: Dmitrij Volkov, Maksim Mikhailov, Artiom Wolwicz, Yegor Kljuka, Ivan Yakovlev, Igor Kobzar – Valentin Golubiew (libero) and Paweł Pankow. Coach: Tuomas Sammelvuo.

TOKYO 2020 Volleyball Tournament Results and Draws

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