U21 World Cup. The Poles lose against Bulgaria. No more medal dreams

The Poles lost Wednesday’s game against Bulgaria in the U21 World Cup (0-3) in bad style. White and red failed to win a single set, and therefore a chance to be promoted to the medal area. charges Mateusz Grabda Thursday awaits the final game of the second round of the tournament in Bahrain.

U21 World Cup in Bahrain. Poles weaker than Iran and Bulgaria

Volleyball players from Poland successfully started the fight at this year’s U21 World Championships. In the first round, Grabda players were placed in Group C along with Canada, India and Bulgaria. Thanks to two victories, White and Red managed to move on to the next phase. There they came to set E. The Poles had to face again Bulgarians. There were representatives in the group of our young players Iran and Thailand.

However, the second round of the U-21 Volleyball World Championships did not go well for the Poles. On Tuesday, the Poles lost to the Iranians, who won the match 3:0 (25:17, 25:23, 25:23). Wednesday, it happened again. This time, the Whites and the Reds succumbed to the Bulgarians. Again, the match ended with a result 3:0 (25:18, 35:33, 25:18).

Our players only stood up to their opponents in the second set. Then neither team could get a two-point advantage until the score was 35:33. In the remaining matches, our players were just background for the Bulgarians, who quickly led to victory. The defeat means that the Poles no longer count in the fight for medals, only for places 5-8.

The next game of the Grabda charges will be played on Thursday. At 1:00 p.m. they will face Thailand. This will end the second round of the U-21 World Cup in Bahrain.

Second round of the U21 World Cup. Schedules and group compositions. When and with whom do the Poles play?

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