Verstappen’s joke about Hamilton’s Formula 1 troubles angers Mercedes driver

Red Bull driver mocked Brits for returning with Mercedes victim

Friday’s Formula 1 practice took place ahead of Sunday’s Canadian GP. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) The current champion and current leader, who showed strength by leading the first two free practices, outstripped his best competitor. Charles LecklerFerrari), Up to 81 thousand. For its part, Lewis Hamilton Ranked #13.

From the UK once the procedures have been completed Mercedes was annoying and said “this car is so bad” in front of the microphones of the press., Indicates your irritation with the vehicle. As he has said many times before, one of the reasons is the impact of his car and the kickback that affects his back and hips.

During a press conference given by some of the pilots MaxVerstappen used it to mock the opponent. அதுவா Hamilton has posted videos on his social media where he enjoys old Sega Genesis console games. And it was discussed: “I like old games a lot,” he explained with a laugh. “When I landed, I went to get the Mario card, but I bought the Sega Mega Drive because I didn’t have a Nintendo 64. Sega Genesis, sorry. And I had a Senna video game (Super Monaco GB II of Irdon Senna), so it’s true. I’ve been up the Senna game lately nights, but I ain’t that quick“.

Immediately, Verstappen took the mic and asked, “Do you have any problems going back there?”, and made everyone laugh. “No, there is no resurgence,” replied the Englishman with a slight irritation, but a smile.

* Training Highlights to Canadian GB

The decision was followed by a press conference International Automobile Federation (FIA) This Measures announced to try to reduce the “porposing” or “rebound effect” The cars are affected this season, but due to the design of their individual seats, it has done more damage to Mercedes than any other team. That is whyHamilton was happy with the body’s intervention and promised it would benefit riders’ health, but Verstappen said otherwise.

“For me, I don’t think fate will change in the middle of the year, whether it helps or hurts us.”Says the Dutchman from Red Bull. “I understand the safety business, but if you talk to all the engineers on the podcast and lift your car, I think you’ll have fewer problems anyway. You should try to figure out the limit your body can handle for the performance, however I don’t think it’s fair that they step in and start enforcing those rules. It’s very simple, increase the ride height, you don’t want these problems“, he concluded. The positions in the case of the two pilots are as clear as the opposite.

remember that The conflict erupted when ground effect returned to Formula 1 40 years later. This technological change had a reciprocal effect when cars traveled in a straight line for a long time and hit the backs of cyclists.During the last driving meeting in Azerbaijan, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced measures to solve this problem.

Ground effect is a system that keeps the car on the ground because the aerodynamic load (tether) is under the chassis, not on top of the car. In the long term, air moves in and out quickly, creating what is known as the “nise effect” or rebound effect, which creates a shock on the cockpit (where riders walk) by blowing air towards the bottom. It can affect your back. The more jumps, the greater the gains.

Hamilton and Verstappen disagree on FIA intervention (Reuters)

One of the teams most affected by this situation is Mercedes who, through their aerodynamic design in their sidepods, create turbulence when undulating. In the air inlet which then affects the train. As a team that won the eighth World Designers Championship, there is something remarkable about having mock testing and human and financial resources to prevent this problem from getting lost in the air tunnel.

In training this Friday, the Spanish Carlos Sciences The third was faster in the second Ferrari than the four-time champion Renaissance Sebastian CupAston Martin and two-time champion Fernando AlonsoAlpes. Czech Perez He finished fourth in early practice but was dropped to eleventh in afternoon practice at this 4,361-kilometre circuit located on the island in the St. Lawrence River.

To Lewis Hamilton His setbacks this season with Mercedes ended in 13th place in the second session. The seven-time Formula 1 champion has complained that the car is “not durable”, although his team has been testing a new solution to the “porpoise” problem, but when the individual seats reach higher heights they cause a resurgence. Good speed.

Saturday will be the third free practice session and will qualify for Sunday’s race in Montreal.

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