Viewers have heard of the “bitch from Canada”. Commentator fired: It was a joke

The World Figure Skating Championships held in Montpellier, France recently became famous not only because of sports decisions. After the program of the double Canadian world champion Meagan Duhamel a scandal broke out. At least more than a dozen thousand viewers who followed the struggles of the skaters during the show presented on the Internet by the International Skating Union (ISU). Famous British commentator Simon Reed called Duhamel “a bitch with Canada“. The reporter thought it was his microphone was already extinct at that time. He was telling that to his colleague, co-commentator Nicky Slater, a former ice skater and TV presenter, seated next to him. Then, viewers heard the two men’s joyous laughter.

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Natalia Siwiec against the slippages of commentators and athletes

“She realized it was a joke”

The International Skating Union, which was responsible for the transmission and urged the two gentlemen to cooperate, apologized for the situation. The day after the blunder, she announced that Reed and Slater would no longer be working on the remainder of the tournament and would not comment on any future competition for her.

“Abusive language, remarks and certain behaviors have no place in the sport and social space,” the statement said.

“People looked at me and my beard and said, ‘But you’re a man. What are you doing here?’

The commenters received a flurry of criticism on the internet, especially as the vulgar comment quickly went viral and made available to other recipients. The show’s viewers resented the commentators not only for the blunder with Duhamel. Viewers noted odd comments from reporters about certain skaters’ height or weight and cited other unfortunate words they used on the show.

Reed eventually tweeted that he personally apologized to Duhamel for what he said and explained it was a misunderstanding.

“Meagan understood it was a joke. We didn’t know the mics were on. She accepted my apology and knows I’m a huge fan of hers. It’s very unfortunate to meet us and take a beer together,” he added. wrote journalistwhich in the islands cooperates, among other things, with the local branch of Eurosport.

Duhamel publicly confirmed that she was not offended.

“She has received a personal apology from Simon Reed and the ISU. I don’t think any further formal apologies are needed,” the athlete said.

The skating championships will last until Sunday. You can follow them on the International Skating Union’s YouTube channel along with a new pair of British commentators.

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