Violent heat wave kills Canada

Vancouver-area police say they have been notified of more than 130 sudden deaths since Friday, according to BBC. Most were elderly or people with underlying health conditions.

Record temperatures were measured, up to 49.5 degrees.

– It’s a wall of heat, a bit like a brazierconfides Charles Daniel in Portland in the USA to the TT press agency.

He says it’s usually around 20-25 degrees this time of year.

Daniel has lived in Texas before and is used to the heat, but the last few days have been very special.

– It was very wet. Usually it’s not humid here, but drier heat. But the humidity made it look like you just stepped out of a hot shower while wearing a wetsuit, he says.

Astonished meteorologist

The temperature started to rise on Saturday. Since then, heat records have been set every day.

Canadian meteorologist Armel Castellan says he is amazed by the extreme heat.

– There is really no word that is enough for that. We are amazed at the size of these discshe told CBC television.

Also outside the Vancouver area, authorities have recorded many unexpected deaths, but have not yet provided numbers.

The heat wave is spreading from the US state of Oregon to the Arctic regions of Canada. It is caused by high pressure that traps warm air in the area.

Portland and Seattle in the United States have not experienced such high temperatures since statistics began to be compiled in the 1940s.

Lasts all week

In Canada, authorities are warning of extreme temperatures in British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. According to Environment Canada, the “prolonged, dangerous and historic heat wave” will last all week.

The US National Weather Service issued a similar warning.

In Vancouver, the heat wave forced schools and vaccination centers to close. Authorities have also installed temporary water fountains and cooling stations on street corners.

Stores are full for portable air conditioners.

Climate change means record high temperatures are becoming commonplace. The decade that lasted until 2019 was the hottest on record, and the last five years were also the hottest on record.

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