Volvo EX90 – Here it is

It’s already been five years since Volvo last launched an all-new model – if you don’t take into account last year’s electric C40, which is a coupé version of the XC40. The EX90 is generating a lot of excitement, mainly because Volvo engineers have developed new and exciting safety technology.

Incidentally, it came as a big surprise when new Volvo boss Jim Rowan announced that the successors to the XC90 would be called the EX 90. Håkan Samuelsson, who was boss until this summer, was aware that the new car should have a proper name and not just a combination of two letters and a number. Volvo even applied for protection of the Embla name. The new boss obviously didn’t think it was a good idea.

60 mile range

The Volvo EX90 is built on the same platform as the Polestar 3, which was introduced a few weeks ago. It also means it gets a lot of the same technology. The EX90 will thus benefit from a battery of just over 111 kW and a range of around 93 km. In addition, it can be charged by lightning with 250 kilowatts.

In other words, it will be a real long-distance car.

Can supply electricity to the cabin

The car’s electrical system can be charged in both directions. This means it will be possible to take power off the large battery for use in a caravan or cabin, run the chainsaw in the cabin, or charge an e-bike or computer. Additionally, the EX90 will be able to send electricity back to your home’s grid, when it becomes a possibility here at home. You charge the car at night when electricity is cheap and use the car’s electricity in the afternoon and evening when it is most expensive.

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