We know the Polish team at MJ in Canada. PZN will confirm where is from

We already know the lucky ones who will go to Canada for the World Junior Nordic Skiing Championships. Poland will be represented by ski jumpers and ski jumpers. A total of nine of them will go to Whistler. He will be the biggest star of the team John Habdas – staff member led by Thomas Thurnbichler.

We know the Polish team for the Junior World Ski Jumping Championships

Ski jumpers and jumpers will start in individual, team and mixed competitions. The tournament will take place from January 27 to February 5. The Polish Ski Association has announced that Poland will be represented by five men and four women. In the men’s team, of course, there was a place for Jan Habdas, one of the team’s biggest hopes. The other people are: Klemens Joniak, Wiktor Szozda, Kacper Tomasiak and Marcin Wróbel. Among the ladies, Pola Bełtowska, Wiktoria Przybyła, Natalia Słowik and Sara Tajner will start.

Jan Habdas recently won the first World Cup points at the competition held in Wielka Krokiew. He scored 6 points and is currently 45th overall.

The composition of the Polish national team of ski jumpers at the Junior World Championships in Whistler:

  • Jan Habdas (born in 2003),
  • Klemens Joniak (born in 2005),
  • Wiktor Szozda (born in 2006)
  • Marcin Wróbel (born in 2004),
  • Kacper Tomasiak (born in 2007).

The composition of the Polish women’s national team at the Junior World Championships in Whistler:

  • Sara Tajner (born in 2006),
  • Natalia Slowik (born in 2005),
  • Pola Bełtowska (born in 2006),
  • Wiktoria Przybyla (born in 2004).

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Until now, Whistler could be well associated with Polish fans. One of the greatest representatives of Poland in history – Adam Małysz – succeeded there on the Olympic hills. In 2010, he won two silver medals at the Vancouver Winter Games.

Due to the time difference, the competition will take place at hours in the evening or at night Polish. Therefore, the Polish national team will start the fight from Wednesday to Thursday 1/2 February. The next day, the men’s and women’s individual competitions will begin. Then, from February 4 to 5, there will be a team competition (from 9:30 p.m. CET). On Sunday, November 5, the Polish team will complete tournament mixed team competition (from 8 p.m.).

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