We know the semi-finals of the Concacaf Gold Cup. Thriller with the favorite

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The American and Jamaican national teams have qualified for the semi-finals of the Concacaf Gold Cup. The Americans needed over 3.5 hours and a penalty shootout to win the quarter-final against Canada.

The US national team is the first and last winner of the Concacaf Gold Cup. In tournament history, he has lifted the trophy seven times and is only behind Mexico in the medal standings. In addition, she has reached the podium seven times, so a possible loss in the quarter-finals would be a big surprise.

The players were in no hurry to settle the neighborhood duel. There was a lot of confusion in the first half, but nothing concrete. The teams headed to the locker room with a goalless draw after 13 minutes of added time. In Cincinnati, there was only one shot on target for Canada.

The second half is a similar story, and the level of the quarter-finals has long been a disappointment. About 100 minutes of play had passed and the xG ratios were 0.71 on the American side and 0.06 on the Canadian side. It seemed that the Americans spared the spectators more and in the 88th minute they confirmed the optical advantage with Brandon Vazquez’s goal to make it 1:0. The shot suddenly awoke Canada, who managed to tie the game 1-1 thanks to Steven Vitoria’s penalty in added time in the second half.

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The duel took redness in overtime. This time, Canada failed the driving test. In the 109th minute, she scored her second shot on target and second on goal. After Jacob Shaffelburg’s strike, the Canadian team was close to eliminating the favorite. However, it only took five minutes and the United States led to a 2-2 draw. It all culminated in a penalty shootout 3.5 hours after the game was scheduled to start.

The eleven-kick streak began with three shots missed – one for the United States and two for Canada. This proved decisive and the advantage obtained was used by the Americans to win the competition 3:2. They will face Panama in the semi-finals.

The fourth semi-finalist was Jamaica, who remain undefeated in the tournament. They began their march to the medal zone with a draw with the United States before defeating Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Guatemala. The quarter-final ended 1-0 thanks to Amari Bell’s goal in the 51st minute.

The Jamaican players had problems shooting on target, even though they created more chances to score than Guatemala. After taking the lead, the Reggae Boyz focused on successfully defending the lead. Jamaica will face Mexico in the semi-finals.

CONCACAF Gold Cup quarter-finals:

USA – Canada 2:2 v 3:2 (0:0, 1:1, 1:1)
1:0 – Brandon Vazquez 88′
1:1 – Steven Vitoria (w) 90′
1:2 – Jacob Schaffelburg 109′
2:2 – Scott Kennedy (single) 114′

Penalty kicks:

X – Steven Vitoria
X – Brandon Vazquez
X-Liam Fraser
1:0 – Cade Cowell
1:1 – Kemal Miller
2:1 – Gianluca Busio
2:2 – Jacen Russell-Rowe
3:2 – Jesus Ferreira
X – Charles-Andreas Brym

Guatemala – Jamaica 0:1 (0:0)
0:1 – Amari Bell 51′

CONCACAF Gold Cup semi-finals:

Jamaica – Mexico
United States – Panama

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