Who will commentate the matches of the 2022 World Cup? [ROZPISKA KOMENTATORÓW]

Telewizja Polska has the exclusive rights to broadcast the 2022 World Cup in Poland. On TVP1, TVP2 and TVP Sport, fans will be able to follow the entire World Cup day after day. But we know that many of you want to know who will commentate the matches. Therefore, below we answer the question: who will commentate the matches of the 2022 World Cup? Here you will find the complete list of matches with commentators.

List of matches with commentators:

Who will commentate the matches of the 2022 World Cup?

Sunday November 20

  • GROUP A, 17 hours: Qatar – Ecuador. (commentary: Jacek Laskowski, Robert Podolinski)

monday november 21

  • GROUP B, 14 hours: England – Iran. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP A, 17 hours: Senegal – Netherlands. (Maciej Iwanski, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP B, 20 hours: United States – Wales. (Mateusz Borek, Janusz Michallik)

tuesday november 22

  • GROUP C, 11 hours: Argentina – Saudi Arabia. (Jacek Laskowski, Robert Podolinski)
  • GROUP D, 14 hours: Denmark – Tunisia. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Sebastien Mila)
  • GROUP C, 17 hours: Mexico – Poland. (Mateusz Borek, Janusz Michallik)
  • GROUP D, 20 hours: France – Australia. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Kamil Kosowski

Wednesday, November 23

  • GROUP F, 11 hours: Morocco – Croatia. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Sebastien Mila)
  • GROUP E, 14 hours: Germany – Japan. (Mateusz Borek, Robert Podolinsky)
  • GROUP E, 17 hours: Spain – Costa Rica. (Jacek Laskowski, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP F, 20 hours: Belgium – Canada. (Maciej Iwanski, Janusz Michallik)

Thursday, November 24

  • GROUP G, 11 hours: Switzerland – Cameroon. (Mateusz Borek, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP H, 14 hours: Uruguay – South Korea (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Kamil Kosowski)
  • GROUP H, 17 hours: Portugal – Ghana. (Jacek Laskowski, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP G, 20 hours: Brazil – Serbia. (Dariusz Szpakowski, Sebastien Mila)

Friday November 25

  • GROUP B, 11 hours: Wales – Iran. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Robert Podolinski)
  • GROUP A, 14 hours: Qatar – Senegal. (Maciej Iwanski, Kamil Kosowski)
  • GROUP A, 17 hours: Netherlands – Ecuador. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP B, 20 hours: England – United States. (Mateusz Borek, Janusz Michallik)

Saturday November 26

  • GROUP D, 11 hours: Tunisia – Australia. (Maciej Iwanski, Sebastian Mila)
  • GROUP C, 14 hours: Poland – Saudi Arabia. (Jacek Laskowski, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP D, 17 hours: France – Denmark. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Kamil Kosowski)
  • GROUP C, 20 hours: Argentina – Mexico. (Mateusz Borek, Janusz Michallik)

Sunday November 27

  • GROUP E, 11 hours: Japan – Costa Rica. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Robert Podolinski)
  • GROUP F, 14 hours: Belgium – Morocco. (Mateusz Borek, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP F, 17 hours: Croatia – Canada. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP E, 20 hours: Spain – Germany. (Dariusz Szpakowski, Sebastien Mila)

monday november 28

  • GROUP G, 11 hours: Cameroon – Serbia. (Maciej Iwanski, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP H, 14 hours: South Korea – Ghana. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Kamil Kosowski)
  • GROUP G, 17 hours: Brazil – Switzerland. (Mateusz Borek, Robert Podolinsky)
  • GROUP H, 20 hours: Portugal – Uruguay. (Jacek Laskowski, Marcin Zewlakow)

tuesday november 29

  • GROUP A, 16 hours: Ecuador – Senegal. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Kamil Kosowski)
  • GROUP A, 16 hours: Netherlands – Qatar. (Maciej Iwanski, Sebastian Mila)
  • GROUP B, 20 hours: Wales – England. (Mateusz Borek, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP B, 20 hours: Iran – United States. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Janusz Michallik)

Wednesday, November 30

  • GROUP D, 16 hours: Tunisia – France. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP D, 16 hours: Australia – Denmark. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Sebastian Mila)
  • GROUP C, 20 hours: Poland – Argentina. (Jacek Laskowski, Robert Podolinski)
  • GROUP C, 20 hours: Saudi Arabia – Mexico. (Maciej Iwanski, Janusz Michallik)

Thursday, December 1

  • GROUP F, 16 hours: Croatia – Belgium. (Dariusz Szpakowski, Marcin Zewlakow)
  • GROUP F, 16 hours: Canada – Morocco. (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)
  • GROUP E, 20 hours: Japan – Spain. (Jacek Laskowski, Robert Podolinski)
  • GROUP E, 20 hours: Costa Rica – Germany. (Mateusz Borek, Kamil Kosowski)

Friday, December 2

  • GROUP H, hours 16: Ghana – Uruguay (Slawomir Kwiatkowski, Janusz Michallik)
  • GROUP H, 16 hours: South Korea – Portugal. (Maciej Iwanski, Sebastian Mila)
  • GROUP G, 20 hours: Cameroon – Brazil. (Dariusz Szpakowski, Kamil Kosowski)
  • GROUP G, 20 hours: Serbia – Switzerland. (Przemyslaw Pelka, Kazimierz Wegrzyn)

TVP Commentators – World Cup 2022

Darius Szpakowski

A true microphone legend. He participated in the World Cup for the first time in 1978. A voice clearly associated Polish fans with the emotions of football. As he himself announced, this will be the last commented tournament of the world championship for him.

Mateusz Borek

He cooperated and cooperates with the most important sports televisions – from Polsat, through Eurosport and ending with TVP. A German league pundit, closely associated with the Polish national team for years. He is also the face of Sports Channel.

Jacek Laskowski

He is not limited to football commentary, fans can also associate his voice with e.g. volleyball and handball matches. Its neat metaphors are eye-catching – especially the carefully crafted intros to matches. Interestingly, he is a doctor by profession.

Maciej Iwanski

He has been associated with TVP for almost 20 years. He commented not only on football matches, but also on Formula 1 or handball. He worked at the World Cup in Qatar, but only in handball, where our national team took third place. Maybe that’s a good sign?

Przemyslaw Pelka

For a decade associated with Canal+, where he worked on Premier League and Ekstraklasa matches. He has also commentated on hockey in the past. He recently moved the editorial staff of Canal+ to Viaplay. He was “on loan” to TVP for the duration of the World Cup.

Slawomir Kwiatkowski

He has already covered Formula 1, track cycling and motor sports. He was also involved in futsal, often being delegated to Polish U21 national team matches.


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